New app migration issue


I’m looking for a bit of help! I seem to have been migrated to the new app, all my devices have disappeared from the classic to the new…A number of things I built now don’t work. The main ones being simulated presence detectors and also DLink cameras I had built a custom handler. Can anyone offer any advice how you build for new world? Do I have to recreate, if I do how do I do it? I have lost my home alarm I had built which is quite annoying!!

Check to see if you now have more than one location in IDE. If you do and one is empty, you can delete it. Or if you now have two locations with devices/Smartapps/hub being split between them, you will need to contact support. Here is the thread on removing an extra empty home location…

Custom device handlers might be able to be fixed with a small snippet of code to get it to work in STSC. Check out the following post for more info.

Here is a good thread on the differences between the two apps

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Thanks really useful. I had worked out the location is the issue, glad I didn’t just delete as I have things split across the two, so have emailed support.

I’ll look at the other bits too

Here is the thread on two locations with split personalities :frowning:
New app and multiple locations... is it possible?

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