New app — which CUSTOM DTH’s will work?

Good thinking. Did it work?

Before testing the DTH I had to install the Connect app. It created a mess of my devices, “the contact” shows up 43 times, giving “cant connect to device” when tapped. I also have 8 unknown devices. Some rudimentary testing settings for my SHm Delay app was successful. More after modifying the keypad DTH.

Modified the Keypad DTH, saved and published. It does show in the device list, but gives cannot connedt message. No errors in the IDE. I still have the 8 unknown devices, so perhaps I missed the Keypad when I initially looked. Suggestions?

Update 2;
When attempting to add a device I get “you need to add a hub to connect a device”

Why you didn’t say you weren’t running the new app? I would have told you to stay away!

I was aware that Connect was “broken”, however, I wanted to try it. Afaik there was no damage to my setup.

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I can’t get my Monoprice devices to show up, even after updating to the latest Rboy’s updates. I tried all the cache clear, force stop, etc. on the app.

So for those that have gotten this to work is it just putting “vid: value” at the end of the meta data info I the beginning of the definition section of the DTH. Someone mentioned something about Health check. Is that something else that needs to be added.

Try opening the device(s) in the Classic app, click the cog in the upper right-hand side of the screen and click Save. Then force quit the new app and see if it works.

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mnmn and vid. i’ve found sleepy devices need health check.

Ok, that worked. I had done everything but resave the settings in the old app.

All I know is if I have to manually change all my custom DTH’s it will be a real pain. I am not going to bother with it at this time, unless I have some free time, but was trying to stay abreast of what might have to be done. I just use the classic app anyway. I play with the new app from time to time just for fun(?).

One thing I wish the new app would do is arrange the devices alphabetically like the old one. Real hard to find the one I want sometimes.

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Added capability “Health Check” on the keypad DTH, then saved in classic, force stopped Connect, reopened Connect, and surprise the devce connects, although only with motion, termperature and Battery showing in the Connect app.

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My wish list is a mile long. With biggest one to be able to pick a room from a list. Sorting rooms alphabetically, would be a good step forward too :slight_smile:


Is there any rhyme or reason to the way the rooms are sorted now? And any way to rearrange the rooms?

I rearranged them alphabetically in the Classic and that seemed to have transferred into the new app, except the first room, for some reason that is out of order

To me, it appears rooms in the new app are sorted by when they are created. Newest would be at the bottom. Also as I noted in another thread, there is a 20 room limit on room creation in the new app which you can get around by adding the room in the Classic app and it will show in the new app.

not being able to re-arrange rooms in STSC annoys me too. Especially since you can’t navigate to one via a list like in Classic.


Anyone know the vid for Fibaro fgr 222?


Look at the list posted above. I see one that would fit well for a shade controller.

I’ve found adding the ocfDeviceType metadata definition influences the icon used on the main tile in list view. I have my Aeon V1 HEM using vid generic-switch, which have it the switch icon. Adding ocfDeviceType have it this icon:

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here’s a list i’ve compiled off github of the ocfDeviceType


Added oic.d.switch to my fan handler and it now displays the switch icon instead of the weird multi icon thing. Wish there was a fan one.

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