Can't connect devices to Samsung connect home pro

The issue is almost certainly not the hub but the app that you are using. You need to use the new “smartthings (Samsung connect),” which we are abbreviating STSC in the forum, to access the Wi-Fi features of your new hub. But that app still does not support most of the custom code that you were using with the SmartThings classic app. So you will likely have to use both apps for a while.

Once you have the hub set up with STSC, go back to the classic app, make sure you are signed in with the same ID and are pointing to the same location, and then try adding the devices through the Classic app.

Also be aware that there is a “smart home manager“ in both apps but they are really two completely different features That just happen to have the same name. So for example changing the arm state to “away“ in the classic app will not cause it to change in STSC, and vice a versa.

You can read more about these issues in the following threads:

If those don’t help, then you may just need to contact support. I’m not sure what’s going on with your Hue devices, that sounds odd unless you are using custom device type handlers. Or of course if it’s on a different Wi-Fi network.