Classic app and new app don't agree?

I have both apps on my phone. The Classic app loads very quickly and shows all my devices as connected. The new app takes several seconds to connect to each device and several devices show they aren’t connected. I signed in online and the interface shows all my devices are connected so online and Classic agree. Any ideas why or how to fix? Classic app works fine for my and not sure why I needed a new app?

Some devices using custom device handlers can be updated with a small modification to work in STSC

There are some devices that do not work in the new app so best recommendation is to use the classic app at this point. If you indicate what isn’t working, we can tell you if it can be modified or not to work.

Another thread that is good to read…

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Mine started doing this a few days ago, triggered either by the latest outage or my hub losing its connection to the router. Two of my six Xiaomi temperature sensors still show as Disconnected in the new app but are running fine in the classic app. All are using the same DTH last time I checked.

Same. Both were 99% in sync (had already updated custom DTHs for new ST app), but now some devices using standard DTHs are suddenly “disconnected” in the new app, and fine in Classic. They still work when triggered/toggled, but show as disconnected. ST team clearly is working on something…

I woke up today only to notice my Hub 2.0 shows disconnected in the STSC (New) app and connected in the ST Classic (Old) app- does it matter since all my automations are running? any thoughts on how to connect it again on STSC without deleting a device?

Report it to ST support. At this point, don’t do anything to try and fix it because you will probably end up causing other issues. Mine started reporting as disconnected recently and I will wait until they resolve it at some point.

Hi JKP -

I just got a response from support to do the following:

•Sign out of the new application

•Clear the cache and data:

If you have an IPhone, all you need to do is clear the search history.

if you have an android here are the steps to clear the cache:

1.Open Android Settings
2.Tap Application Manager
3.Under Downloaded, select SmartThings
4.Tap Clear Cache
5.Tap Clear Data

•Uninstall and then reinstall the application

I had the same problem too about two weeks ago. They had me do all of this stuff too. It didn’t work. Has anyone noticed whenever you call with a problem you are always told to uninstall and reinstall the App? Or uninstall and reinstall you automations. It is the first thing support tells you to do because they do not know the fix. What I did to fix it was unplug my V3 hub for ten seconds and plug it back in. Problem solved.

Disconnecting the hub temporarily should update the state correctly. That should generate a new event that should result in the correct state being displayed in both places.

When a hub goes offline, that is communicated in two pathways - one to the new app and one to the Classic app. As I understand it, the path to the new app has more hops and the message is more likely to get dropped which can lead to the discrepancy you are seeing.

Engineering efforts are in progress to address this.

There are times that uninstalling/reinstalling the app is a viable troubleshooting step but in this case, the incorrect state for the hub was stored in the cloud so until the state gets corrected, the mobile app will continue to display the wrong value.

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Yup that did it Brad - thank you for the “Tip” and more importantly thanks for the insight on the differences between the apps- I am new to ST and this in the trench learning is huge for me.

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