Netatmo Welcome Facial Recognition Security Camera $49.75

I purchased 3 of these cameras but am only going to use 1 of them. You can private message me with offers for $$ or trade. I am a tech junkie like most of you, I do not really have a need or want but if I feel it is something I would use and a fair trade I would be open to it.

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So the face recognition may be too good. I have the projector projecting ghost images in by bay window for Halloween and look what the middle face is. Lol


Oh that is awesome! You should post it on Twitter and tag Netatmo.

They need a new toggle below no pets, called no ghosts LOL


Done lol. I was like WTF and then it clicked. I was about to burn the house down. Lol


Are you done integrating it yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am waiting for more details about the new SmartThings cloud. Artik works with Netatmo Welcome, already…

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That is awesome. And terrifying.

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I find the home/away is not reliable. I have my GPS on all the time.
I had to turn off notifications because even with pet detection, I was getting so many motion alerts even while I was home.
Gets annoying

I have it set to only notify when nobody is home & the only actual push notifications I get are when one of us arrives ( is seen for the first time in over an hour, see my earlier comment on wife waking up early and having her back to the camera so I got woken up by unknown person/motion alert) Husky has set it off once, so I gave her a profile & hasn’t set it off again.

I remembered you could manually set a person at home. Phone is not reliable
as present sensor. I got the same issue in Smartthings.

I solved the false alerts. Lol.


This thing over heat like crazy kinda remind me of my old 2010 mbp running windows games.

got mine setup this morning - so far not overly impresed - all seems rather kludgy to me.

Need to compare them to other $40 cameras.

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You need to use it for a while to appreciate the face detection feature. It
is unique.


The pictures it has taken so far of faces are so blurry - is that the norm? Seems barely useful like that

In the app you can choose 360P, 720P or 1080P

where is that? I haven’t found that anywhere minus the web viewing of the video

in the app under settings , My Homes, my home name, then scroll down to the camera name, then scroll down to advanced settings

Weird - I don’t see anything like change resolution under there.

Screenshot? Sorry being a pain