Netamo Welcome camera and Smarthings?

Has anyone taken a look at the new camera from Netamo the Welcome. I just got one and I am pretty happy with it. I would be happier if it integrated with Smartthings. :wink: Does anyone have any ideas?

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Just for your info :

This details that Netatmo themselves will be opening up the API “in the coming weeks” (written Aug 27).
After the API is released, I believe it should be possible to create a SmartThings App to connect.

I am waiting for the API myself, before purchasing the device.

So how accurate do you find it for identifying people? It would be nice for SmartThings to be able to react based on who enters the house, also using it to confirm that the “presence” detection is working correctly. I.e. Did my phone announce I was arriving home and then “Welcome” detects it really is me. Good to know if your keys were lost and someone let themselves in…

I have to say the motion detection is really sensitive. It sees my AC slightly blow my curtains and alerts me. In terms of the face recognition from what I can tell it’s all about lighting. Day Light or Total darkness scary accurate. Really scary, like as soon as I walk in “Welcome Jay”. It’s the dim light where it’s trying to use night mode or blinding direct light on the camera that it has trouble. It will see movement but doesn’t see me. Overall I really like it. No one notices it what I really like. It just blends in. Given some add-ons IFTTT, Gestures, Smartthings integration) and a few updates it can be a powerful piece of equipment.

Netatmo Welcome Camera Just got an IFTTT beta Channel.
Someone unknown has been seen
Someone known has been seen
A specific person has been seen
Someone known arrives home
A specific person arrives home
Motion has been detected
Welcome Camera has a problem
Welcome Camera has been switched on
Welcome Camera has been switched off

All of these have alerts through the app but now you can pair them with actions for different devices. I’ve tested one that when the Welcome see’s me arrive home it turns on my media center via Harmony. Works good under the right conditions, lol Like all things. :smile:

Update: With IFTTT you can have your camera send a url screenshot to your Dropbox (or cloud drive of choice), email, or Android watch, I hope ST adds camera support to their IFTTT so it can be sent straight to the app or just outright support the Netatmo Cam :wink:

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Sounds like it’s time to use some virtual buttons to do some cool things with ST too :wink:

Netatmo just released the API for their Welcome Camera with documentation.

Oh how I wish I was more of a developer, lol. I’m learning slowly but surely but not there yet. :smile:

Anyone trying to integrate the Netatmo Welcome Camera through their APIs to SmartThings? thx

I keep asking but I haven’t seen anything yet. I have been working on a project but being a novice its slow going and I haven’t had much time to dabble lately.

I’ve very interested in this.

I have occasional visitors (i.e. my parents) as well as a dog walker and a cleaner.

If the Welcome could identify these people and set a presence indicator that would be cool. I wouldn’t have to buy presence fobs for all of them.

If my door sensors trigger and it’s an unknown person, that would also be interesting.

I had a quick look at their documentation and they support webhooks. It does sound like a far stretch to make a SmartThings App that exposes a REST endpoint that the webhook could call…

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You can use IFTTT to switch on a virtual presence device type in the meantime. I haven’t got the Welcome Camera yet but I can’t see why that wouldn’t work. I have set up similar IFTTT rules already for other systems.

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The problem with Iftt is that it triggers every time. I tried the alert when user arrives. It just keeps alerting. lol still fingers crossed. It works really well otherwise.

This is why you use ifttt to update the virtual presence only. Then you have an alert to only alert when the virtual presence arrives or leaves. This way you will only get an alert when the state changes.

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Just bought one of these myself and set up a virtual presence switched on via IFTTT. Just one big flaw with this plan…
There’s no IFTTT event for the welcome camera detecting someone leaving?! So all you ever do is arrival.

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Any news with ST support for this camera?

No one has created a device driver for this as far as I’m aware.
I’m using mine via ifttt. Due to a lack of leaving event. I’m updating a virtual momentary button using IF which in turn updates a virtual presence switch for a person. Using RM the smartapp switches off the presence after a certain amount of time to simulate leaving.
Works perfectly.

There is an firmware update 72 which adds FTP storage, improved facial recognition, (smoke/Alarm system) alarm sound detection, and other added camera settings. You can contact Netatmo for the update.

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How’s everyone liking their welcome? Can’t decide between this and the canary. The ST options seem quite limited.

the face detection and control something. I think it is great to .
unfortunately, but it is not compatible with st .:sunglasses:

Who know, is it streamming on me to config. Thanks

I think it would be compatible with ST. It has a pretty open API. We just need one of the Herculan ST coders to lend us their might for task. :wink:

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Is anyone using Netatmo face detection and IFTTT to trigger a ST action? I’m curious what the lag time is between detecting a face and starting an action.