Labs: Netatmo Integration

(Jeff DeWolfe) #1

Hey guys- VERY happy to finally see a new device hit the labs section. I wanted to point out one “bug” that I found. I currently subscribe to other Netatmo devices in my area to compare temps, etc to. When adding Netatmo to my SmartThings setup, it shows a list of all of the sensors, but not in any sort of order or by location. Any way that you can get it to list by location?


Netatmo does not update anymore
(Brian Steere) #2

I’ll have to check. How do you subscribe to other stations?

(Jeff DeWolfe) #3

You can invite friends via email. They show up as “guests”. I currently have 2 guests on mine and I also subscribe to 2 other stations. PM me your email and I can invite you to mine if you like.

(Tim Slagle) #4

Thats cool that it lets you see your subscriptions! :smile:

(Derek) #5

Just to keep people updated, I have a support request in regarding Metric vs. Imperial values displaying.

(Brian Steere) #6

Thanks to @chevyman142000, this should be better in the latest version. Devices are sorted by location and the location name is displayed.

(Jeff DeWolfe) #7

It looks and works great! Thanks!

(Derek) #8

Where is the location displayed? Not on the tile? Unless u shake it. I have a 3rd station that isn’t showing even tho it is selected.

(Jeff DeWolfe) #9

Hey, guy I work with has additional Netatmo modules and a rain gauge. Sounds like those do not show up even if he selects them during the setup. @feixiao can chime in with more information. Are you aware of this @Dianoga?


(Tim Slagle) #10

I think I saw somewhere that additinal modules are phase 2.

(Brian Steere) #11

@tslagle13 is correct. Additional modules will come later.

(Jeff DeWolfe) #12

Thanks guys. I must have skimmed over that part… :smile:

(Kenny Voorhees) #13

What is the ETA of phase 2? I have 3 additional modules I would love to drive Keep Me Cozy III. (My custom KMC)

Thanks in advance.

(F Collin) #14

I have been using the Netatmo integration with ST since october 2014 but now it seems when i look at the activity field there was no update since a few days. I can correct temporarily it by using Netatmo (Connect), but it will stop updating after a few hours. Does anyone else have this problem? I have 1 base Netatmo unit, one rain unit, 1 outside unit as well as 3 other inside units.

(Nagui Anis) #15

Same here since a week

(April Wong) #16

Hey! If you haven’t already, could you please contact support, and let them know? @fcollin @Nagui_Anis . I’ll bring it up on my end too.


(F Collin) #17

I contacted support, tried it again, it keeps having the same problem. Will wait for the support’s answer.

(Brian R) #18

same issue here, its messing up my grovestreams dashboard feed from ST also.


Same here. Tried removing the Netatmo Connect completely and readd it. Now it just can’t connect anymore. After autorizing SMartThings on the Netatmo platform, the screen stay blank and nothing happen. Can’t access my sensor anymore.

Harmony Home Control and now Netatmo…

Might not be ST’s fault but still, I’m getting a litlle pissed off that all the things I buy that are supposed to be integrated with SmartThings eventually all stops working correctly…

I used to recommend ST to my friends wanting to start with home automation but I really can’t recommend it anymore.

(April Wong) #20

Kalto - we’re currently running a beta using the Harmony Home Control and testing Cloud to cloud. If it’s smooth sailing, there shouldn’t be much problems moving forward on that end.

We’re looking into Netatmo. Email Support to have it logged though, please, if you haven’t done so already.