SmartThings Cam $20 (may be out-of-stock)

Out of stock already lol

my fault - I should have clicked to check

I must have got in right in time. Ordered two to add to the one I got at Lowe’s a couple days ago. Pretty impressed with it. Only thing I wish it did was working with Alexa Show devices.

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Samsung are charging 99 pounds sterling for that same camera and now with Brexit, I cant even order that one because Samsung dont even sell it in Ireland… :confounded:

While not $19.99, Best Buy in our area has them in stock for $29.99. I may have to swing past their on the way home tonight :slight_smile:

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It looks like a desperate measure to clear stocks… Any known reason for it?

might be ST getting out of the hardware business

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Back in stock

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short lived… out of stock

Order went through, but I got this email a little while later.

I just ordered one a few hours ago and it seems the order didn’t cancel so far

I just order one too, so far so good. By the time I made it to Best Buy their inventory was gone.

EDIT: Nice!


I wonder if its to clear out the Samsung branded stock as part of the outsourcing to Aeotec (and potentially others)? Just a thought.

I just got tracking, so looks like it’s good!

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Cool, me too! I’m looking forward to seeing how well this works compared to my Blink mini’s.

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Yes I got tracking info

mine arrived today. setup was easy and integration into the app is pretty nice (screenshot/thumbnail updates every time motion is detected).

Only thing Im trying to figure out is how do I get it to work with Blue Iris as well? IP discovery doesnt seem to be working but it does support rtsp. The links in the device information in the IDE dont seem to be helpful either. Theres no username/password either.

I was just able to.order one so thanks for the heads up. I may just order another one tomorrow.

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These are decent cameras, but it’s a shame we’re stuck having to use the ST app for full functionality. I don’t know about anyone else, but the mobile app has gotten awfully slow with every update. That’s a whole other separate topic of course…

Anyway, these aren’t the smallest cameras. The Blink mini’s are 1/2 the size, but unfortunately don’t natively integrate with ST right now, which is another shame that we don’t have. The ST cam is very noticeable sitting on fireplace mantle when compared to the B-Mini, especially when the mantle and trim work is all painted white and camera has a shiny black faceplate on it. I was hoping to sneak the ST cam past my wife, but she saw it right away and said wtf is that thing doing up there…

I’ll have to experiment this week, but both the ST and B-Mini have decent image quality and performance. I’ll see how IR works this week, as well and motion, sound, audio, and whatever features the ST cam let’s me play with. I really do like how having a camera in ST works with STHM and automations, but unfortunately it’s not exposed to Alexa as a camera, just a switch.

Also, this camera is always ON, so be aware of that. I included it in Scenes and Automations to turn OFF when we’re home and ON when we leave.

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