SmartThings Cam $20 (may be out-of-stock)

Out of stock already lol

my fault - I should have clicked to check

I must have got in right in time. Ordered two to add to the one I got at Lowe’s a couple days ago. Pretty impressed with it. Only thing I wish it did was working with Alexa Show devices.

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Samsung are charging 99 pounds sterling for that same camera and now with Brexit, I cant even order that one because Samsung dont even sell it in Ireland… :confounded:

While not $19.99, Best Buy in our area has them in stock for $29.99. I may have to swing past their on the way home tonight :slight_smile:

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It looks like a desperate measure to clear stocks… Any known reason for it?

might be ST getting out of the hardware business

Back in stock

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short lived… out of stock

Order went through, but I got this email a little while later.

I just ordered one a few hours ago and it seems the order didn’t cancel so far

I just order one too, so far so good. By the time I made it to Best Buy their inventory was gone.

EDIT: Nice!