[OBSOLETE] Netatmo security

I’m working on integrating my Netatmo Presence and Welcome cameras (have 2 of each) into SmartThings.

Installation instructions: SmartThings-Dev/readme.md at master · CopyCat73/SmartThings-Dev · GitHub

Sorry for the lengthy instructions but this is the only way to get it working. Currently supported are Presence and Welcome devices, for taking snaphots, motion detection and person presence.

Presence camera: Welcome camera: Presence device:
Welcome preferences: Presence preferences:

Respond in this thread with any issues, questions or suggested functionality. There’s already quite a bit of manhours in this project so if you’d like to support me any donations are welcome via PayPal.Me. I plan on supporting this as long as I have a hub, and since this is the best HA device i’ve owned so far, that could be a while :slight_smile:

Things that should work [updated 22 jan 2018]:

  • Motion detection (with webhook enabled) for Presence and Welcome devices
  • Human, animal and vehicle detection for presence devices. These activate the same way as a motion detector. A preferences setting can set each of these categories to also trigger the general motion detector (for use in other smartapps/devices).
  • Taking a snapshot (if camera ip and secret have been setup ok) for both types
  • Taking a snapshot every x minutes/hours for both types
  • Person presence for welcome camera’s. Updated every 5 minutes, or persons arriving via face recognition instantly via the webhook. People leaving is done via timeout of people not seen for x hours (set in the netatmo app), this comes in via the 5 minute poll. In each person device there’s a button to set the specific person as having left, and in the welcome camera interface all available persons can be set to away.
  • Show home name in presence, welcome and person devices

Things that would be nice/useless but funny:

  • Take snapshot when doorbell pressed
  • Count the number of cars and pets going past the presence camera’s (no idea what else to do with pets and cars)

any other implementation ideas are very welcome. We have 2 people here in the house, for which I have an arrival sensor and netatmo person, so it would be interesting to mix the two types of data to get more accuracy somehow.


I’m excited to have any of this semi working, I got weather and home coach working, security would be the best. I know it’s been brought up in the past on the forums and people were interested so I’m glad someone is working on it. I will test it out for sure as soon as it’s available, thanks in advance

Hi Joe, I’ve released an initial version the code. See the link in the first post for setup instructions. I’m interested to hear what people think and what we could do with these devices. I still need to work on a nicer tile design but I’d like to test functionality first.

Well I can’t copy and paste on a phone so I can’t try it for a week when I will be at home. I can only do Github integration on my phone, something goes wrong in the clipboard when copy and paste.

Hi Nick
Thank you for your efforts in this coding

reasonably new to bespoke app’s - I have followed your install instructions and found the following issues - can you please help tell me where I’ve gone wrong?

I have the IP and Access key added - but there is always an error message to “Set IP and secret in preferences first” coming from the top banner

I do not appear to be picking up any motion from the device in Smartthings - but alerts from Natatmo app are coming as expected

Thanks, Paul

You have to add the ip and key in each camera preferences. If either is missing you receive this message.

Please look at what the live logging is saying for the smartapp and paste some of the incoming webhook text here. I have been coding all morning so please update the smartapp and devices first. Only if your security app has been configured correctly for notifications, you should see things like:

Cant deliver event: no child device active for camera *****
debug Webhook message: Motion detected by *****

If you get the webhook message that means something is incoming. But the message relates to a specific camera, if that camera is not activated in the smartapp it can’t be delivered (as shown in this example).

Wish I could try this out lol. Next Friday I can get on a pc.

Hi CopyCat
I have only one Presence camera - have set the IP and secret, but still getting the message. Is it looking for a Welcome camera or other device?

I think this is a motion event
7ff2b1cf-b281-42a4-84a8-49f94cf64009 1:50:04 PM: debug Human detected (presence)
7ff2b1cf-b281-42a4-84a8-49f94cf64009 1:50:04 PM: debug no child found for camera 70:ee:50:27:c5:b0
7ff2b1cf-b281-42a4-84a8-49f94cf64009 1:50:04 PM: debug getChildDevices(false), children=1
7ff2b1cf-b281-42a4-84a8-49f94cf64009 1:50:04 PM: debug [message:Home: Person seen, snapshot_key:e894ce81d9b8bcc6e3b87a6c6606e496f139513d519d4bd037fb3e97620e48b6, event_type:human, app_type:app_camera, event_id:5a61f78aae47639c258b49e2, camera_id:70:ee:50:27:c5:b0, home_name:Home, user_id:58755edfac34a5c1c08b54a2, snapshot_id:5a61f78aae47639c258b49e3, home_id:5878c587ec135ee7698b4dca]

Thank you

No child found for camera means that the presence you selected in the smartapp preferences wasnt created as a device. There sometimes is bug during setup (still looking for the cause) but you should get a red error popup message then. Please remove the smartapp, verify that your presence device is gone. Then install the smartapp again, authenticate with netatmo, and on the next screen do not add anything yet. just save, you go out to the smartapps overview again. Enter the smartapp again and then add your presence. Should work that way.

Also I’m now realising that only the welcomes have a motion event. The presence has human, vehicle and car seen events. I need to make some prefs to decide what people want to count as motion I guess…

I fixed the issue and added human, animal and vehicle detection to the presence device.

finally got a chance to load this and will test it out - looks very cool.

I will be testing it Friday, can’t wait

After a few days the devices get unstable, I think it has to do with the runIn that I use to undo the motion. Will replace it with an alternative.

Yeah sorry I need to make an instruction with images at some point, haven’t had the time to do that yet. You should have a camera device for each camera you activate in the smart app preferences. In the camera device preferences the ip + secret needs to be added. It’s better to do that via the IDE where you can edit the device preferences as well, it’s easier to copy paste on a pc.

I added the part after the numerical ip address to the access key for camera spot, I also added the ip address that matched the mac address given on the netatmo dev page, I took a screen and it saved but doesn’t show anything, not sure where I went wrong, just focusing on one camera and then the other 3 after I get 1 lol

i’ll leave everything open on the pc and when i wake up check back to see if you have an idea, if not we can start screenshots and whatnot, i’d love to help use this and make it work but i’m very tired and maybe i’m missing something simple, thanks in advance for your work.

it ends with 2 commas, i didn’t get that in last night but it was attempting to show me a screenshot, which was blank, today i unbanned it in netatmo connect and added the 2 commas but doesn’t do anything now, one line shows up in the live log, just tried it again and it looks like in the live log it took a screenshot, just no idea on the app that it happened and not sure where it went. In the app it shows “SmartThings” where i assume the camera feed should be and i can sometimes get into the picture it took in the app now but its just a picture of the word SmartThings lol, i suspect i’m close but will wait for you before i tinker anymore.

No the string with the two comma’s isn’t the one you need. Theres a string before that one, after the IP bit. Watch the slashes carefully :slight_smile:

i see now lol, waking up here, thanks

Ok the instructions now come with images, https://github.com/CopyCat73/SmartThings-Dev/tree/master/smartapps/copycat73/netatmo-security.src

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