New Netatmo Welcome facial recognition security camera

New Netatmo Welcome facial recognition camera
$100 + USPS Priority shipping
Payment via Zelle (No fees. Most major banks use Zelle and it may already be connected to your account)

do you have a link?

Because the burglar wouldn’t grab the camera too… Need something hard mounted.

If they do that you’ll have a video of them

Its stored on an SD card.

Actually you won’t have a video of them if they grab the camera. Netatmo are not cloud cameras. All video is encrypted and stored in locally on the SD card in the camera. If the card is removed from the camera there is no way to view the footage. There is no integration for BlueIris, TCP or any other NVR that I have found.
They are a great camera, but no cloud backup is a major flaw.

can upload to google drive and home PC (FTP) according to Netatmo website