Netatmo Welcome Facial Recognition Security Camera $49.75

Are you done integrating it yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am waiting for more details about the new SmartThings cloud. Artik works with Netatmo Welcome, already…

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That is awesome. And terrifying.

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I find the home/away is not reliable. I have my GPS on all the time.
I had to turn off notifications because even with pet detection, I was getting so many motion alerts even while I was home.
Gets annoying

I have it set to only notify when nobody is home & the only actual push notifications I get are when one of us arrives ( is seen for the first time in over an hour, see my earlier comment on wife waking up early and having her back to the camera so I got woken up by unknown person/motion alert) Husky has set it off once, so I gave her a profile & hasn’t set it off again.

I remembered you could manually set a person at home. Phone is not reliable
as present sensor. I got the same issue in Smartthings.

I solved the false alerts. Lol.


This thing over heat like crazy kinda remind me of my old 2010 mbp running windows games.

got mine setup this morning - so far not overly impresed - all seems rather kludgy to me.

Need to compare them to other $40 cameras.

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You need to use it for a while to appreciate the face detection feature. It
is unique.


The pictures it has taken so far of faces are so blurry - is that the norm? Seems barely useful like that

In the app you can choose 360P, 720P or 1080P

where is that? I haven’t found that anywhere minus the web viewing of the video

in the app under settings , My Homes, my home name, then scroll down to the camera name, then scroll down to advanced settings

Weird - I don’t see anything like change resolution under there.

Screenshot? Sorry being a pain

d’oh late to the party.

good deal!

It’s a video cam not a photo cam. who cares how the pics look as long as it recognizes who the blurry person is…lol


I can barely tell which kid it is LOL

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Realize also that it takes a screenshot of the person and cross to the face only. Yeah, the pics are sometimes hard to identify, but I’ve found it to be incredibly accurate.