Samsung announces SmartThings Cloud

Again? :wink:


I wish they would announce new products that could be controlled by ST.


Hah, apparently. I suppose this new announcement is essentially just integrating Samsung Connect with the SmartThings Open Cloud?

the significance is … cloudy

with a chance of rain and latency



another ride on the ferris wheel…

While I understand your comments, I will tell you that this is entirely different than those announcements for a few reasons:

  1. SmartThings Open Cloud was not our brainchild, and we did not have any part in it. It came and went without us.

  2. The last couple of “cloud” announcements were still separated. Meaning, we had ours, Samsung had theirs, and Artik had theirs.

Now, Samsung is putting all these services under one roof, for the first time. Ours. WIth our completely new infrastructure. So while it does sound the same, it is entirely different and really exciting.


Cloud implies the ability to back up and restore settings and configuration. Are you able to confirm or deny whether this will be available to existing customers or just new ones using a new hub please?

I don’t think that’s accurate. Cloud implies none of that. Cloud is the leveraging of data center components hosted in infrastructures that are not your own…

That said, ST should have such features if I say so my self. And I do.

EDIT: But, rereading this, I am recognizing that consumers may think this is part of what cloud is. If so, that’s interesting. Amazon, for example, has set the standard in shipping - and people expect things shipped the same day without exception and delivered quickly. Cloud delivered services to consumers may have generated in the expectations you refer to here.



Can you comment on what the cloud convergence will mean in terms of dependencies?

What types of clientele, devices, etc will now be dependent upon this new ‘singular’ cloud architecture? Specifically, but not limited to, I am looking for information about what types of requirements these new devices, work loads, clients will have upon the backend that may be different / heightened from what the consumer ST cloud supports today?

Is there a timeline or roadmap for said convergence? What is the target architecture for all three? One of the existing? New one?

What will any migrations look like? What promises will the collectives offer their clients? Specifically what can ST represent to this community in terms of any required migrations? Tools? Support, etc?

I hope this is a very, very good cloud, because we already have a lot of clouds. :wink:

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i hope in some way it creates a better user experience, i have an s7 with connect and st ui, what a mess connect is, at one point i tried to delete all the devices in connect and start again in an effort to utilize it, yeah bad move it deleted all my st deviceswhich was anoying and confusing as my samsung account has different sign in credentials from st, the whole thing at the moment from a user experience is… what !! why !! how

Now i just dont go to the connect app… wayy too crap to be of any use

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and just how SECURE is THIS cloud going to be?

Will there be an API for this cloud, that will essentially be common to all platforms?

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Just back from SDC tonight (the celebration party this evening was incredible; with concerts by both Banks and Bonobo).

The SmartThings Cloud (along with a new logo for SmartThings that is more like the Samsung Connect logo), and new SmartThings Apps development API and tools are incredible. There’s no way I can accurately summarize it so …,

The API is documented and essentially open and available (though I think API keys are limited for a while?).

Details here:

As for security:

Samsung SmartThings IoT is all about end-to-end security and risk isolation. ARTIK has embedded security on chip; but obviously not every arbitrary device or cloud-to-cloud connection will be ARTIK based (since SmartThings Cloud is still an open platform).

Thus, the SmartThings Cloud will have granular OAuth access down to the specific Capability of each Device (and much more). In other words; what was once “theoretical security” with significant loopholes is now being implemented as highly granular security with anomaly detection and containment, etc…

Again… This is just a “first impression”. The technical details are in above link and other documentation and will have to be experienced and tested in the real-world. And will continue to evolve.

And I got to hang out with @heythisisnate of



Every part of it was built with security in mind.



Also… @tgauchat is 100% accurate, so… What he said.


Before we get too crazy with cloud integration and everything else… Can we just get a simple native entry/exit delay? Its only been asked for since like day 1 of SHM. Just saying…


Will this change the ST architecture at all? or is the current Architecture being integrated?

@slagle Will this change any of our Smart Apps such as CoRE? and will this make us re-automate under the new application? I’ve spend many hours making my house completely autonomous using CoRE and the SmartThings app.

Heare is another article about Samsung’s plans: