Nest protect smoke alarm

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I am trying to connect/Link a Nest Protect smoke alarm to smartthings and failing badly lol.

Every which way i do it i keep getting no devices found “If you have a nest acc u need to migrate it to a google account” I have repeatedly done that and still keep getting the same message. I tried to connect?ling the Protect to Alexa/Echo and get the same result.

Any body got any ideas?

Only the products listed on this link, (view all), are supported. I have nest protects and they are not.


Nest, what a joke
Thanks for the reply

Google Nest does not expose their Nest Protects through their integration to other systems (SmartThings, Alexa, etc). The Protects seem to be the forgotten child in the Google Nest platform - no new models in years and no info on further developemnt, etc.

They do expose it through an API that can be used in Hubitat. Many report it can be difficult to set up. There is an initial $5 charge for the Google Nest Access Developer account. Just giving you an alernative but there is always the possibility that API could be shut down.

Google SDM API

Thanks for the info
Any idea on a smoke detector that works with Smarttings and then acc linked to Alexa?

Sadly I just read a comment from the author of that [RELEASE] Google SDM API - Nest integration - #1058 by dkilgore90 - ⚙️ Custom Apps and Drivers - Hubitat link that says “Unfortunately Google has neglected the Protect smoke/CO detectors - there is no support for them in the API. If Google ever adds support, I will for sure add a Driver for it!”. So I don’t think Protects can be used in Hubitat either.

sorry… it was the other API…

So what I did was added an Ecolink Firefighter Listener to my environment. I have 7 Protects in my house, since they’re all linked I only needed one listener. I can confirm that if an actual event occurs, the Firefighter will trigger and you can setup routines based on smoke and CO. There are Edge drivers for the Firefighter.

Here’s the part I hesitated on with the Firefighter, after I installed it, I couldn’t get it to trigger with the test function on the Nest Protect. I thought it wasn’t working so I bought a Ring smoke alarm listener. Same issue. I bought some spray smoke for testing smoke alarms to see if it was just the Nest not providing a long enough signal for the Ecolink to hear. After I sprayed the test smoke, sure enough the Ecolink triggered that there was a smoke alarm. So, anyway, this is my work around for getting the Protects integrated into ST’s.

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I think that’s the best (only?) option I have seen @ericreed5280. Sadly though, it seems that this is a North America only product and I’m in the UK. If anyone has a UK product that would work, I’d be grateful for any details.

I am also in the UK. I use Nest Protects. I also use Frient Smoke Alarms, they work with Smartthings / Home Monitor. Alexa support is basic.

I have found one current UK listening device the Agrippa Pillow Fire Alarm from GeoFire. They can be purchased for c. £180 from, amongst others, Safelincs who confirmed that this portable alarm system (deaf and hard of hearing users might travel with it for use in hotels etc) can be tuned to the sound of Nest Protects. Coupled with a vibration sensor, that would give me a UK option, but a rather bulky and expensive way to detect whether any alarms are sounding but without knowing which one. A confirmed UK option though.

That’s useful to know. I’m heavily invested in Nest Protects though and I assume you haven’t managed to link your Nest Protects to the Frient alarms or SmartThings?

That’s right Nest Protects only work for me in the Nest App and not even Google’s Home App. Frient works with Smartthings, Alexa and Google Home.

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My solution isn’t the preferred integration but if you want to link one or more Nest Protect Smoke & CO Alarms to SmartThings without having to buy more hardware, then you can use the Google Home Script Editor and the vEdge Creator. However, since there currently isn’t a vEdge carbon monoxide detector, or a combined smoke and CO detector, you won’t be able to use the script editor to write an automation based on the Protect’s carbon monoxide alarm events.

  1. Use the vEdge Creator to create a virtual smoke detector. After device creation, rename and move the virtual smoke detector to the room that your Nest Protect is located.
  2. Use the Google Home Script Editor to write an automation script which will trigger the virtual smoke detector (which GH identifies as a switch) when the Nest Protect detects smoke.

As an example, one of my automation scripts looks like this:

  name: Nest Protect Alarm - SmokeLevel High
  description: IF the Nest Protect detects high level of smoke, THEN it will trigger the SmartThings vEdge smoke detector
    - type: device.state.SensorState
      state: currentSensorStateData.SmokeLevel.currentSensorState
      is: high
      device: Bedroom(Protect) - Bedroom
    type: home.state.HomePresence
    state: homePresenceMode
    is: AWAY
    - type: device.command.OnOff # Turn the device on or off.
      on: true
      devices: Protect - Bedroom

The currently supported SmokeLevel capabilities are either numeric parts per million or descriptive values. Last but not least, if you’re using SmartThings Home Monitor, don’t forget to add the vEdge smoke detector and configure Home Monitor’s response (e.g. Unlock doors, Sound sirens, etc.)


There is some hope.

The starter/trigger is weird and useless for now as my protects are battery powered!


Promising. How do you see those starters though? I can only see my Protects in the Nest App and not the Home app. I have some powered devices but all rather useless until you get a starter related to smoke detected!

First some time ago I joined public preview in google home app. Then in google home app, automations, +add, household, +starter, When a device does something, Hallway.

More hope…