Smoke and CO detector with voice?

Is there a smoke and CO detector with voice that works with Smartthings?

I got the First Alert ZCOMBO but it only has a siren/beep and my kids were even phased by it when I tested it while they were asleep.

I know Nest protect has voice but I find the integration with Smartthings to be unreliable.

Nest manager is well integrated, and works well.

Yeah I’m going to try nest protect and see how it works. I want to see if
it works on my kids first.

I thought we were still limited by polling which rendered nest protect useless, or have we moved on and we can have instant notification into smartthings?

Nest manager does poll. That said it sees issues typically within a minute or so.

I’m not sure what useless means. In general multiple clouds and the internet need to be running with ST, and ST is not operating any life saving/threatening services.

Don’t get me wrong, the Nest Manager is a beautiful integration and the dev has done miracles in putting it together. But the limitation on the api’s have made it impossible to make much use of the nest protect integration. There aren’t many options when it comes to smoke alarms which are as nice as the nest protects. I have a few, and it annoys me how locked down they are. If nest opened up the api’s for some of the features like temperature, motion, lights and speaker they would have a must have product every HA enthusiast would buy. I would get one for every single room and hallway and quadruple the number I have in the house.

I have Kiddie combo detectors that have voice. I bought the relays and connected them to ST. Project is well documented here:

At the bottom you will find pictures of my setup.