Best Smoke Detector to use with SmartThings - Nest or other?

Hi All,

I am thinking of getting a smart smoke detector and the Nest Protect appears to be the best … but doesn’t integrate with SmartThings easily.

Should I use the complicated integration … or is there a better works with SmartThings smoke detectore that I should get?

(Or should I just get the Nest and not worry about integration?)

Thanks, in advance

I bought the nest, the best feature I like is the path light at night, which I don’t know if others have or not. The smartthings integration only take 5 mins with a custom device handler. Go for it :slight_smile:

Do you have a link to the best way to integrate … I have seen online NST Manager

([RELEASE] NST Manager v5.0)

and this

([RELEASE] Resilient My Next Manager & My Next Devices for your Nest® products with native UI (for faster rendering on Android/iOS) & all ST standard capabilities + high refresh rates + No complicated developer account setup!)

What is the difference ?

I use the first one which does the job fine, but haven’t tried the second one.

I have a nest protect and thermostat, but use the nest app for them. From ST I don’t get much use by integrating them, but then I am sure others do. All i use the protect for in ST is to do something like turn all the lights and siren on when smoke is detected. I also recently integrated the thermostat into ST, but because that also auto integrated to my Google home at the same time and ended up with 2 instances of it in google, so it got confused, hence i removed the thermostat from ST and only have the protect added. I am sure there is some way around it, but, I don’t see much point of the integration when the nest app does all I need and google controls the thermostat by voice.

Thanks for that impee !

Anyone else have anything exciting that they use the integration for ?
And any other comments on the 2 options for integration (anyone used the second link?)


I use the First Alert with stock DTH.

Hi, Refer to my thread for testimonials.


I have 6 NEST Protect and they work nicely with ST thanks to NST Manager. I am not thrilled to have yet another app to manage only the smoke alarms (I don’t like the NEST thermostat) but last time we had smoke in the kitchen it was real handy to be able to silence the alarm from my phone… especially when the sensor is 20ft up. I have not done this yet, but one useful integration is to turn on lights and unlock doors in the event of a fire alarm. It can save lives for those trying to get out and make it easier for those coming in to rescue people inside.

I chose NEST Protect over one of the zwave sensors because NEST can be AC hardwired, it has its own wireless connection between units (less chances of something getting screwed up), it talks so you know what the alarm is and where, and you can monitor everything via an app (yes the same one I was not keen on having). I don’t like the price though :frowning:

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I would recommend you to use Nest smoke detector as it will work well with Nest. I am using it since long and have no issue with it. So you can go for it.

Would you still recommend getting the Nest Protect? For the two integrations linked in the previous response, it says BROKEN and DEPRECATED. Is there still a functioning integrations code for Nest Protect available, or did the recent Google migration destroy all hope on that front?

I’ve been looking at D-Link DCH-Z310. Costs 30 euros and there’s a Smartthings integration code available. Still would be nice to have the CO detector integrated as well, but seems that only Nest Protect has that.

There is no current integration for the Nest products at this time (after Aug 31, 2019) except for those with existing integrations before that date. Once Google finalizes their API, that may, or may not, change at a future date.

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Does the Nest Protect integration still work? I’m considering buying them (2nd version). Thanks!

only if you have an existing integration that is already connected. otherwise new integrations can not be set up.

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