NEST and Smoke CO2 Alarm

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Happy new year , hope you all are safe !!!

A question !!! i have seen the NEST integration app 5.0 stopped working with SM , i was planning adding to my house a NEST SMOKE and C02 Device , since the integration app stopped working due to googles not so smart decisions , I’m wondering , since Samsung and google are doing stuff together , is there any news or plans u guys now of NEST being supported by ST hub in the near future ???, i would like to buy the nest smoke device , but haven’t yet due to not being able to integrate it !!!

If not NEST do you recommend any other with SM integration ??? !!!

Thank you

Sorry, what’s “SM”?

but nest protects will be missing from the upcoming integration

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@JDRoberts sorry by bad … ST

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@jkp any specific date … or just january annouced ???

so i should buy the NEST SMOKE , and it will work right ??

just january at this time

@jkp in your post , there are ppl saying there are only a few NEST devices that are going to be compatible , ill better wait then and see if the smoke alarm is one of them , since i read … other devices can have diferent api´s

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the nest protects are not in the forthcoming integration. i imagine that will be added at a later date or at least i hope they do :slight_smile:

Last time I looked in the IDE these were the only Nest products

I see there NEST Smoke CO Alarm so if its going to be available im ok for this :slight_smile:

The new integration won’t show a device type in the IDE. It will show placeholder like every other cloud integration that has come out in the past 12+ months. As others said, Nest Protects and speakers won’t be part of the Nest integration coming out this month. They have officially said so themselves


Were those nest products in the IDE always there then Jimmy ? Tbh I never noticed them in the past, makes more sense if they show as placeholder

I have some Nest Protects still using the old pre-Google account and I set them up with Smartthings (classic) and the old v5 Nest Manager. Even after migrating to the new Smartthings app they still work. This option unfortunately is not available to newer users.

As others have mentioned as of yet Google have not announced official support in Smartthings for the Nest Protect, I certainly hope they do so although it likely may require me to convert finally my units to the new Google based account access.

In the meantime a complex but theoretically possible solution would be to link your Nest Protect unit(s) to HomeAssistant and then share them from HomeAssistant via MQTT to Smartthings.

I do regard Nest Protect as best in class from a hardware point of view and they look better than most others as well. However Google’s shenanigans had led me to consider alternatives - remember smoke sensors have a life span of only 10 years anyway.

I don’t know what country you are in - I am in the UK which will have different/fewer options than the US but two alternatives worth looking at are -

Both of these unlike many alternatives link multiple units together so if one detects a fire all sound off. This is a feature Nest Protect has but many other brands do not.

I suspect neither brand has official Smartthings support but again either HomeAssistant might be a means round this or you could discuss this in these forums with other users.

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yeah, maybe even before the Samsung acquisition.

i still have the old account , and old app … im from that era … maybe i can do the same as you configure them in the old app and migrate ???

Im from portugal , witch has a bit the same as uk alternatives, ill look in to them as well @jelockwood

As far as I can tell after migrating, the Nest Presence sensor does not work, the Nest Smart Thermostat does still work, the Nest Weather does not work, the Nest Protect Smoke sensor does work. So the most important things are working.

The Nest Presence sensor uses a link from Nest to your mobile phone. Smartthings Classic had a similar option to link to your phone as I recall but this does not seem to have been migrated nor does there seem to be an option to re-add this. (Only the old Smartthings Presence Sensor itself.)

Yes, the smoke detectors are gone for me…not happy.