My Smartthings Account is Force to Reset

It’s just happen, when I install smartthings app on my new phone.
Usually when I login to my account from new phone I will need to re-login, and after that everthing will be normal, all my device, smartapps, automation is already there like before.
But now it’s different, after couple of minutes already logged in to my account, the app is force signed out my account, and get me to login page again.
I can’t re-login, its’ say my email and password was wrong, even though I already signed in before with (of course) same email and password.
After several try, finally I can signed in, BUT
It’s asking form activation code that use to first installation of ST hub.

What’s happening ?
It’s make me need to find my ST Hub box. And enter the code.
As expected, it just like newly install of my ST, everything is empty

Then I checked my account via IDE, and found all my device is still installed.

Anyone know what’s happen here ?

Just want to share that same thing happened to me today !!

Inexplicably Smartthings Apps on my mobile redirected me to the ‘Activation Code’ page. So I followed through the setup and to my frustration, all my devices and smart apps disappeared. It looks like I have to re-setup all over again. Bummer.

The apps has been working fine for 4-5 months.

I had it worst, I went to IDE and it reflected the same thing, that is all my devices and smart apps are no longer there !!

I need to know what happened to be assured that such thing does not happen again. Otherwise, really ST hub is not fit for use.

Hope for some clarity.

It happened to a few persons, best to contact the support

As @CSC mentioned, definitely report it to support, as it looks like you may have a phantom location that will have to be changed.

Here’s the previous discussion where other people ran into the same thing:

Very helpful, I’ll go there for more support. Thanks JD

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