Cant gain access via new phone

I have recently purchased a new android phone (coming from an iphone).

I re-downloaded the smartthings app on the new device and logged in. It asked me for the welcome code as if I was setting up a new hub.

I went back into my old app on my iphone thinking I could unlink it, but it came up with the same screen.

My old welcome code in the box doesn’t work, and I cant work out how to access my hub from either phone. My things are still working (lights come on when I walk past my motion sensor etc.) so I know its still functioning. I just cant find anyway to access it!

Somebody help!! I saw a similar post about this and they mentioned there could be a difference between a SmartThings account and a Samsung account (which I believe I have the latter).

I just replaced my Android last week (when you get this resolved you will want to read my post about mobile presence, because you are going to have the same issues and I presented a shortcut in that giant post for existing phone or new phone).

Anyway back to your issue. I would almost guarantee that this has something to do with your login. I had already created my new Samsung account as I was part of the migration beta that forced me to create a new Samsung account from my SmartThigs account (same email, same password). Anyway when I reinstalled the ST app on my new phone, I had NO issues logging in and resuming where I left off (no welcome code, etc.).

Try going to App Settings and clearing the Cache and then Force stopping the app. Then go back into ST mobile.

If you get that fixed, then before you delete your old phone from ST, I recommend that you read my post, because it will save you time and energy when you realize that mobile presence isn’t working and less time between deleting the phone, adding the phone and then adding it back into routines and SmartApps.