Login Update

I was prompted in Mobile App to update/Merge login with smarthings classic and samsung account. Now when I login either to “new to smartthings” or “existing smartthings user” I have no devices or automations listed. Suggestions? Thanks

Probably something to do with a new location being created. Not sure though.
There are threads about this already.
Have a search and I’m sure you will find an answer.


Indeed. Most times when the account is migrated from smartthings to Samsung ID a new location is created and your devices, hub and automation are put in it, UNFORTUNATELY they don’t also usually set it as the default location. It has the appearance of someone logging on and OH NO ALL MY STUFF IS GONE.

First check for another location with your stuff. If its there then switch the app to that location. If you are familiar with the IDE you may be able to login there and switch the default and delete the duplicate. If you’re not call support - they’ll help.

If you dont find a second location with your stuff, then call support.

Be careful though.
I lost all my devices and rooms but all my custom DH’s and Apps did not disappear.
Still had all my pistons etc. Just had to pair all my devices again.
A right PITA. :angry:

Dagum - that would have been a “right PITA” indeed @bobbles . I have well over 200 devices and I dread the day that something like that happens to me or my V2 hub takes a dump. :slight_smile: I guess that explains why they kept pushing me off the account migration beta… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the help. Found two locations in the IDE. One had no devices listed. Made sure the other one was set to default and then deleted the other. Now mobile app classic is good.

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