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Lost Hub configuration, reseted to factory default!

(Andy Chan) #1

My app couldnt fire up today. Kept asking me to login and then ask me for activation code.

When I reached home, my smartapp didnt fire.

Turned on the lights manually, found the card and input in the requested activation code.

Horrors, it “rediscovered” my hub and everything is blank slate!

When i login to the portal, all the old devices are still there (20+).

Opened a smartthings ticket and awaiting their reply.

But I am not hopeful at all.

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(Aaron S) #2

Please check to make sure a second location was not created. If this isn’t the failure, DM me your ticket number and I will flag it if someone hasn’t already helped.

(Jemuel Dalino) #3

I restarted my android phone and opened smartthings.

  • It prompted me to login. I used my account.
  • It prompted me to enter CODE which I already did a few weeks ago.
  • It prompted me to confirm my location.

Once inside the app, all of my devices are missing.

I logged in

  • All of my devices are missing.
  • All of my smartapps are missing.

Did I do something wrong when I logged in at the adnroid app?

(Neal ( / #4

@Aaron same problem as other thread

(Aaron S) #5

Same things applies: Lost Hub configuration, reseted to factory default!

(Andy Chan) #6

Luis has responded to me and he will help to remove the dupe location.

I just hope the zigbee pairing were not lost when the hub was moved to the dupe location.

Not hopefully though aa I could see that the status light on my zb powerstrip shows disconnected status.

I could potentially have 20+ devices to re-pair.

(Aaron S) #7

Great - you are in good hands!

(Andy Chan) #8

Do you have someone at EST time zone?

Your tech support works MST. Every interaction takes 24h round trip time as I’m GMT+8

(Jon Christensen) #9

Something is going on with the Smartthings servers.

This has been happening all day. Including loging in and the app then logging itself out. Sometimes staying logged in for less than 10 seconds. Sometimes when successfully logged in I get to the hub and my devices; sometimes I’m guided to entering some mysterious code which I don’t have.

I have emailed support but as of this time have not heard from them at all.


(Nico) #10

It’s also happen to me !

Hi @Aaron I see I have two location of my HUB
And have different IDE URL, like this

And the last one is my original setup

Look at the URL.


After I delete the wrong location via IDE, I was able to logged in from my phone without asking for activation code. All my devices are there, but it’s only for around 5-10 second, before error message pop up and I logged out again from my account and can’t go back sign in again.

(Aaron S) #11

US support hours are 9 am to 6 pm Pacific Time, Monday through Saturday. UK support hours are 9am to 5pm BST/GMT, Monday through Saturday

(Andy Chan) #12

Luis asked me to unplug the ethernet before he can remove the dupe location.

Hope after he is done, things will be back in order.

If the hub is wiped, then we will need to re-pair. Not sure what really happened.

I will need closure for this to have confidence that it will not happen again.

(Tim Slagle) #13

Hi all, we need some info from you.

Please let us know which operating OS and all version you are using.

Also, a rough (or exact if you have it) time frame this happened during.

(Andy Chan) #14

I’m using Android 7.0 and the logout issue happened around Monday 11+am GMT+8

Status update:

Luis helped to remove the dupe location from my account. My Android app is showing all my devices now. BUT none of my devices are responding to commands or reporting state changes.

Have soft reboot the hub and power reset the mains powers zigbee lights. I have not messed with the battery powered sensors yet.

(Oliver ) #15

Just happened to me too. Saw my app had a lot of disconnect/reconnects. Cleared it all and when I opened my smart things app, it asked me to re-login. Then it asked for activation code. After entering the code, it showed me a clean slate.

I tried logging into to see if my custom apps and devices were there but nothing is shown. It seems my account is brand new. There is only one location. Did the database get corrupted?

(Nico) #16

I’m using Android 6.0 with latest ST app from Play Store.
I’m using 1st generation of ST hub.

Right now, after deleting second location that was created before, I
was able to login, and see my devices is there installed, and give me
accurate information about current state and when state is changing. The
problem only with Philips HUE, I can’t communicate with it.

And the main problem is still there, sometimes the app says unexpected error and logged out again :frowning: and again
So I still lose my control of my home.

(Andy Chan) #17

Nico, are your automations and smartapps still running?

(Jemuel Dalino) #18

After deleting second location, I was able to login. But all devices are now missing/disconnected :frowning:
Went to a different tab, then an error message “An error occurred” and got logged out again.

When i try to login, I’m being prompted for my country and activation code again.
I try to enter my activation code, but I’m getting “invalid code”. Now I can’t even login to the mobile app.

Sent logs via email to support, still waiting for a response.

(Bob) #19

I’m sure you are aware of this but are you using a UK or USA hub.
The url you quoted is for ONE of the US shards.

@slagle why can you not show the shard that the hub is connected to.
This would really make life easy for people in situations like this. For both the customer and the ST support staff.

(Nico) #20

The last setup, all my automation is related to Hue, so I can’t make sure whether is working or not.
But for sure, all my device like ST open/close sensor, ST motion sensor, Aeon micro switch (zwave) is working properly when I can logged in and see it via app, since I can’t login again, I can’t analyze another function.

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