Can't log in to the Android app

I set up my SmartThings hub yesterday, installed the Android App, created an account and used the Welcome Code to set up the hub. Everything was working fine.

Today, I load the app and it asks me to sign in again. I say I am an existing user and enter my username and (old) password (more on that in the next paragraph). It then asks for my Hub Welcome Code again? So I enter it again and it now says it’s invalid, which makes sense since I used it yesterday. But there is no option to skip setting up a Hub to just get to the Hub I already set up. Net result: I can’t login to the app, I can’t reset up the Hub and clearly, this is not the way I should have to login each time. What’s up?

As for my password, I used a relatively weak one when I setup my account, then changed it to a strong one, but the app still wants me to use the weak one. Does that mean it is storing the password on my device and doesn’t communicate with the Samsung site to get my the updated credentials?


I think this may have to do with the difference between a Samsung Login and a SmartThings login.

Honestly, I’ve never had the “pleasure” of a Samsung login (though we may all be converted soon?), so I can’t say for sure; but maybe you this clue will help you?

If not, be sure to contact: ASAP … they’ll fix you up.

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This happened to me recently, and I contacted support. They said click “New to Smartthings” even though you have already set it up. I did and was able to login successfully. “I’m a SmartThings User” is for the community. Even Support admitted it’s confusing.

There’s a major outage tonight and many are unable to log into accounts … I’d wait until it gets fixed before trying to set anything new up.

Welcome to Smartthings!

Watch this and subscribe to updates before trying out to log in again.





Savage indeed, yet not off base in the slightest. Yes, welcome.