Smartthings log in issues uk

Anyone else having issues logging in to smartthings new and classic app over the last week or so? I have several accounts and very frequently have been faced with the *incorrect password * response. I have tried on Motorola apple and Samsung phones and on my tablets too. I know the password is correct and can log onto the Samsung ide page on my laptop without any issues. I’ve cleared cache and uninstalled and reinstalled both new and classic apps. Samsung are no help at all when I contacted them. This happened also a couple of months ago and resolved itself after about 7 days. Any comments appreciated thanks.

I have had no issues, and I have been using and updating stuff quite a bit over the weekend

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Yeah the accounts that are logged in are ok, its the ones that need signing in that are problematic, its been the same today unfortunately.
Samsung claim nothing is wrong, but I’m seeing this as a weak point as all 3 of us in the office could’nt log in

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