Totally Confused = Smartthings/Samsung Apps/Accounts

I had to replace my phone and reinstall the Smartthings app and I am confused beyond all hope. My username/password is not correct and requesting a reset email link results in no reply.

Apparently I have both a Smartthings and a Samsung account. I’m confused as to which account to use for my hub. When I put the Hub Code into the app I am told the code is not valid. I can’t reset the hub if I can’t get into my smartthings and/or samsung accounts.

I seem to be going around in circles trying to get back to a workable Smartthings installation and it appears I am dead in the water.

If you have a Samsung account, try to use that one. Many Smartthings accounts no longer work if you have a Samsung account. You can still use the Classic app. This threw me for about an hour the other night.


check to see if you now have two locations.If that is the case, you only need to switch to the other location to see your hub/devices.

Install the classic app and choose new user. Then try your Samsung account credentials. If that doesn’t work reset your Samsung login. Doubt your smartthings login is still active. Once you get logged in go to the menu and check for multiple locations like jkp mentioned.

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