Multi component zwave devices and hub associations


This issue is supertechnical and needs to be given to a zwave engineer who understands zwave multichannel association. But I have seen it reported for several different devices now, so it definitely needs a fix.

When a multiendpoint zwave device (typically a multi button light switch) uses association to communicate with the hub, the hub’s device ID needs to be added to each association group used by the device, or the button presses for that device will not get sent to the hub.

There have been several devices using the stock drivers where users report the last button doesn’t work. Meaning its button presses aren’t being sent to the hub. Here’s one recent example with a stock edge driver. Buttons 1-3 work, button 4 doesn’t.

[ST EDGE] Edge Developer needed: MCOHome MH-S312 and MH-S314 - #2 by philh30


And here’s the user manual for the device.

This should be an easy fix for someone who is familiar with the zwave side.




@philh30 has been researching this issue further and has identified the flaw in the stock driver that caused the missing button:

Please pass this along to the team doing the stock drivers for multi component zwave devices.


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Sorry for the delay, @JDRoberts. I’ll report this to the internal team.

Thanks, @philh30 for debugging this issue and both for bringing this to our attention :smiley: