Missing devices

Hey all,

I discovered today that three recently added (within the last 3-4 months) z wave switches are missing on the ST app. They were added, and grouped, and the room to which they were assigned still exists, only now with one out of the three devices) The missing devices are GE wave in wall dimmer switches similar to about 30 I have elsewhere in the house. I have seen devices be “unavailable” when the connection is weak or lost, but I have not ever seen one up and gone. The switch is normally functioning and powered fine.

Any ideas? I am going to re-add them tonight, but wonder if there will be a conflict since the device was already added. Any help would be appreciated.

hub V2

I’ve had this problem as well with the GE wall switches. ST support will tell you that “someone” removed them, but I’ve been able to show facts and data that they’re wrong. I believe the switches are on a death march. Are these older models, like the 4xxxx series?

Anyway, make sure to perform a general exclude on them first, and then readd them.

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Thanks for the reply! These are the newest ones in the house. Very odd. And it’s like they were never there. Re-added without issues like they were fresh. They are also the closest to the hub.

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