MultiChannel Association (For products like MCO HOME Switches)

@jody.albritton - did you manage to get any feedback on whether SmartThings is working on Multi Channel Association for products like the MCO HOME TouchPanel etc . . .

As far as i know the 1 Gang panel’s work a charm and are very reliable, but without some major hacking and unstable modding of device types the 2/3/4 Gang models wont work without Multi Channel Association (which in fairness should be a staple system element by this point in ST’s journey . . . surely?)

i look forward to your feedback.

@slagle I noticed your on an " answering frenzy " haha so thought id just bring this back up as id asked it twice in developer calls and including this post twice on the community :slight_smile: and you said you’d find out and let me know :slight_smile:

Is there plans to get multichannel association on the platform to support multi gang switches and products alike etc

:slight_smile: cheers in advance for the reply

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Not the moment. This is a rather large push from a platform side of things. It’s not out of the question, it’s on the list, just not at the top right now.

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So does that mean I cannot get a Z-Wave switch such as this in the link to work?

It appears that you have asked the same question in more than one thread. I have answered you in the following thread, as I believe that one is more applicable: