Modes, Motion Sensors, and Hello Home Actions

If I understand something @Ryanh told me in another topic, if you have a Hello Home Action that changes the mode and uses a motion sensor through “Things Start Happening,” that hello home action will not fire if the house is already in the mode the hello home action is going to change to.

If I’m understanding this correctly it appears to be undocumented ( @Jim? ) .

More importantly, it might explain why so many community members report their motion sensor triggered actions “just stop working,” because the problem might be a mode change in a completely different action/smartapp.

It might also explain the unpredictability of the sensor “failures.” Because it wouldn’t really have anything to do with the sensor device itself, but rather other things that set the mode. But it would only show up if you were using a Hello Home Action to trigger from the motion sensor. If you exclusively use custom smartapps, as I understand it, the fail to fire restriction does not apply.

Or am I misunderstanding this? @tslagle13 @625alex @baldeagle072 @tgauchat @obycode @JoeC Have you run into this? (Just picking people I know are doing creative things with modes.)


I think the best way to confirm the behavior (and ensure it is deterministic) is to review the code.

As far as I know, HelloHome actions are just Solution SmartApps… i.e., probably just like the template and example SmartApps we already have access to and many of us are familiar enough to write complex ones from scratch.

Perhaps Solution SmartApps / HelloHomes have some extra metadata and/or methods, but these would be easy to isolate for further inquiry.

In short:
@April… The Community loves Open Source and we can help each other understand, debug, and improve Hello Homes Actions, etc., if you could get access to the Hello Home Actions Groovy SmartApp code for us, please?