Hello Home auto home actions and DST

Did your hello home actions get triggered on time tonite? Mine didn’t. Does it relate to DST somehow? Informed support.

I have had one set for 11pm that changes mode to sleeping; it has not updated the mode in days. But I have two others that trigger at sunrise and sunset that are fine.

Yesterday I tried changing the 11 o’clock one to sunset + 6 hours in the hope of getting it to run… NADA.

Support has been SILENT. It seems they get that way when they’re clueless.

I had two other timed events (not related to Hell Home) yesterday. The one scheduled for 5:15 fired at 5:22; the one set for 6:20 went off at 6:49.

@Ben are you aware of these issues? If so, can we get a progress report?

@ben several of the scheduled actions are not happening since last evening. Including the motion activated lights not going off on top of some of the hello home actions. I informed support last evening itself.

Now the Hello Home “Off to Work” scheduled action did not happen. It simply turns off couple of lights. Nothing… I set to future for the time being and disabled push notification and set it for only SMS. Had heard somewhere that it was causing some issue somewhere if memory is not betraying me. :frowning:

Update 7:22AM: Did not work either. I had it set to 7:20AM

My 12am action didn’t work last Wednesday or Thursday then worked Friday and Saturday then didn’t work last night. A new issue crept up today where the sunrise event didn’t fire. Have a ticket with support and waiting. Maybe if the Internet goes down or is slow at that particular time it’s not resilient enough to try the events again.

Internet has been blazing fast during the failed event periods for me.

I’ll pile on - my good morning action didn’t work today. Seems that it has to be related to DST as it had been working perfectly (minus the usual WeMo issues) before then.

Guys, can we move all these reports to “SmartThings Downtime and What We’re Doing” so that we all can get their attention. It is one of the pinned threads in the community

I’d rather be part of four squeaky wheels than just one. (c;

And I believe all this “has” their attention. They would have to be incompetent for it not to.

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Apparently DST change has triggered so sort of problem with all my scheduled actions… some don’t work at all … some work at non scheduled times… I hope a fix is coming soon. I agree, we all need to voice our problems…

My “Good Morning” did not work this morning either - along with several issues with presence and mode changes. I sometimes find that actions, like lights turning off properly with modes are working, but not displaying the proper mode in the dashboard and not activating any motion or door open notifications. The first issue is since DST change and the others are since the backend issues/upgrade. Have already reset hub, devices, and mobile app.

I noticed this morning that the app log recorded sunrise at 10:0x - seemed odd but I do not use it yet.

I just shot an email to support. My Goodnight Hello action is set to auto-trigger “when things get quite” at or after 11pm. That event just triggered at exactly 10pm. Looks like there is definitely a DST issue.

Looks like this issue may have re-surfaced, for the past 2 days, my scheduled hello home actions have not triggered. My others are fine when they are triggered by presence, etc. but the scheduled ones are not. Anyone else having similar issues?