Mode Change Issues - 9/21/2016 [KNOWN ISSUE]

Anyone have issues with Mode changes the last 12 hours? Once again my house didn’t go into Away mode when I left (I use the official Mode Director app by @slagle).

This is a known issue and has been talked about on multiple threads.

Really? I haven’t seen anything on it. I know there are major issues with the Mobile App and Hue right now (, but haven’t seen anything in regards to automatons with mode changes.

Yeah, known problem with the most recent update.

I am on a Hub v1 though…

It’s been reported on both V1 and V2, it looks like a platform issue. In multiple community reports the mode does change but nothing that subscribes to the mode change runs.

Ok. Just wonderful :frowning: Thanks, as long as they are aware of it. As a v1 hub user, I tend to ignore the threads with firmware updates as they usually only apply to v2 users.

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Actually, I think something else is going on. My installed smartapp which is based on “Routine Director” an approved Smartthings app from @slagle does not even open in my mobile app. When I go to install a new instance of it from the Marketplace, same issue.

Add a new mode, create a new routine that does nothing more than change it to the new mode. Do this once and you should be good. I had to do this on both my V1 and V2 and haven’t had the issue of being stuck in the wrong mode since. This is obviously just a temp fix, but it works.

I’ve done that now. Still can’t get into Routine director. Can someone else try and install and open the app from the Marketplace? it’s under Coming and Going.

Yup, DumbThings up to its usual tricks again… Add a Me 2 & Me 3 to the chorus. In my case the change to away is working flawlessly for everybody, but not the back to “Home”, and my water valve is tied to it… A very unhappy SO!!! Really makes it hard to justify DumbThings capital expenditure…


According to support I had a mode that had a blank name, which doesn’t make sense since I never created one in the last day. They deleted the mode. The good news is my night mode just changed. The bad news is, I still can’t get into Routine Director smartapp.

ST should have sent an email. If you don’t watch the various everything is broken threads like a hawk you don’t find this stuff out. I was abbot angry when finding this out as I use modes for some security purposes.

Another reason to not trust ST.

@slagle any thoughts here since your the developer of this approved smartapp? Why can’t I get into it from my mobile device?

If you go to the status page:

You can sign up for alerts when there are issues.

To be honest, I think that they should point people to do this. Yes, it’s not a great look when people get a new product, but with home automation, I think people would rather just know if there was an issue. Can save a lot of time fault finding!

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I am signed up for that and it is generally useless.

I don’t want to know there is an issue, I want to know what the issue is. ST only posted the Hue issue. Then they posted the mobile app issue 3-4 days after it was actually an issue. Not once on their site do they mention anything about all of the other issues…

1 - Samsung Smarthome integration is broken.
2 - Mode issues
3 - (I can’t keep track anymore…)

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I’ve noticed that there seems to be an issue with my “Away” routine…

In short, there are 3 items that are switched on when it is triggered, and several others that are switched off…

The ‘on’ items NEVER turn on when triggering Away. Though the step that puts my monitor into “Armed” does trigger.

If I then manually go to the 3 items under “Things” and switch them on manually, they turn on fine with no issue.

Why is the “Away” event completely ignoring the devices tied to it???

Sounds the same as the following: The mode changes but then nothing triggered by the mode change runs.

I’ve had this issue for months. happens randomly as far as I can tell. I use CoRE to catch it.

Just out of curiosity, how do you have CoRE catch it? I’d love to have some sort of watchdog piston for this.