Mode Change Issues - 9/21/2016 [KNOWN ISSUE]

It’s several pistons just because it’s easier that way for me.

But essentially several combinations of
If no one is home and the mode/SHM is not one of my away modes - notify me.
If people are home and the mode/SHM is not one of my home modes or still in night mode after a certain time- notify me and/or flash certain lights based off of motion so I don’t trip an alarm.

Once I’m notified - I can hit a routine or two to get things right.

Ok thanks. I actually do this also. I was curious if there was another way of doing it.

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Today my evening routine never happened, not just the lights refusing to turn on, but the mode title never changed on my app. It was set to happen an hour before sun down. My house was pitch black…

Is this still unresolved? Anyone else having this issue? For the past weeks or so, I’ve been noticing that my home is “occasionally” not set to the correct mode, with routines that have been running fine for over a year (3-4 times in the past few weeks). Oddly, most other rules seem to run just fine, ie disarm components of routines, which are also set to change modes, but I’ll notice at some point in the evening that the house is now in away and notifications are triggering as a result. It’s difficult to troubleshoot as mode changes dont appear in the activity/notifications logs.

I’ve started having issues recently where the Good Morning routine doesn’t change Night to Home mode. Most of the time it’s ok, but as you say randomly it’ll just not change the mode even though the rest of the routine has run correctly. I’ve tried deleting all automation and re-creating them but still having the occasional issue, and it happened again this morning.

I have been complaining about this issue and opened several tickets in the past few months. Several iOS ST app released since then but never gets fixed. I am talking several several months. It’s a pain force killing the app every morning to get the right status on the app.