Modes Changes in Routines are not Working!

Is anybody else having issues were routines are firing but not changing modes as expected. I just switched over to the V2 hub and was really hoping it was just an issue with my old config. But same thing after setting up everything again.

Basically… When everyone leaves it makes sure lights are off, the garage is closed, locks the doors, arms the alarm, and changes mode to away.

It has done everything except change the mode. Which is still in ‘Morning’ Mode…

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I have seen it happen with the new iOS app at least. I have created several tickets on the issue and request you to do the same so that it gets bumped in the priority list. At times it also shows incorrect mode in the app. Kill and reopen the app. So, basically two separate issues.

  1. Mode change happens but correct mode is not reflected in the app.
  2. Mode change fails to trigger or set the correct mode.

Thanks Ron… I opened one up about 10 minutes ago…

Must be a IOS problem, because Android function works, well Android ALWAYS works better than IOS, just so you know for future references :wink:


Don’t get me started on the green monster! iOS rocks but bought Mom an Android! :wink:


Lol… Well i’m not going to get into that debate. I have many of both iOS and Android that I use everyday. They both have their weaknesses and strengths.

Anyways… This has nothing to do with iOS or Android because routines are device independent. The mode is not changing for the Hub even though the routine is working minus the mode change.


It’s always iOS, trust me. Just joking…Good luck getting it fixed

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Here is the error returned for the built-in ‘Goodbye’ Routine: 12:12:37 PM: error java.lang.NumberFormatException @ line 459

I am assuming that like a good ST citizen, you reported it. :slight_smile:

Yes. I am reporting everything i find from here on out



App messages indicate mode changed with accompanying activities but actual mode stays as it was.
Consequently, all activities tied to the mode change fail to trigger.

What is your source for what the “actual mode” is? If it’s the mobile app, it may not be correct at any given moment.

I was using the IDE to tell me the current mode

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Yes, that’s the only way to really know, given the state of the mobile app. I have several routines that change mode, and they all work.

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Yes, I am looking at the mobile app mode status as well as noticing expected activities are not triggering.
In this case, I am using Alexa to turn on a switch that triggers some activities and fires a routine. That routine is supposed to change the mode which would in turn trigger additional activities. The activities tied directly to the switch that Alexa turns on all occur as expected, but in the case of the routine all I get is a message stating the routine activated. No activities tied to the mode change occur.

Do the routines work when you just launch them by touching them in the mobile app?

Yep. I checked as soon as I replied. I also realized the mode must be changing because a motion sensor was behaving as if the mode had changed. So, I guess the routine is changing the mode but failing to trigger some activities - in this case one for Harmony and Nest. I tied the Harmony activity directly to the virtual switch, and now that works. I will have to think about how to get my temp to change with the Nest though…

Edit: I didn’t write that correctly. The routine still doesn’t trigger the activity even when pushed manually. It’s the connected smartapps that actually work when tested manually.

Ah man, you are off into the thick grass with Nest and Harmony, two integrations with problems. This isn’t a bug with Routines, but with integrations.

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Okay, thanks. At least I was able to get Harmony working by rethinking it all after reading your questions. I will keep tinkering with Nest. My next home will go Ecobee. I have three Nests and not about to go buy new thermostats.

Bruce, my friend! This is one time I respectfully differ with you. I don’t have Nest or Harmony integration with ST and mode issues with routines occur. Support has acknowledged it several times post new app and guess they are working on it (I am sure!).