Missing devices or rearranged dashboard


Over the last 2 weeks I’ve been dealing with the most annoying thing. My dashboard in the New ST app keeps rearranging my devices and rooms. In most cases, an entire room or two will just disappear. The devices can’t even be found in the devices list. After a bit of time, maybe an hour or two of restarting the app and even the phone, they come back. Sometimes in the order they were originally set, most times just randomly. This is happening on multiple Android devices. Thoughts???

I don’t know about two weeks ago, but over the last three or four days it’s been a known platform issue and many people were affected by it. There are already several threads about it in the forum.

You can see the official status here:

And discussion in the existing threads:

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Thanks JDRoberts . I searched but found nothing previously. I’ll take a look at these. It’s definitely been about 2 weeks. My wife gave up on looking for certain devices…


How is things going now? (I’m new and trying to learn about SmartThings . And the most important things to me is being able to see all device status quickly (say going to bed but take minutes to find if bath room light is on/off is not sound great).

Or any workaround solution to overcome this issue?

Vir12 About the same. Automations are working, dashboard is still screwed up.

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When it comes to viewing the status of devices, many people in the community choose one of the third-party “dashboard“ apps. These give you a lot more customization options than the official app does. You do need to use the official app for things like adding new devices, but for everyday use the other choices may be preferable.

Some of these have a license fee, some of them are free. Usually the ones with a license have more advanced features and an easier set up.

You can see a recent discussion of these options in the following thread. Although the original post was about a control panel used with a tablet on the wall, the same offerings can also be used on a phone.

FAQ: Sharptools , actiontiles or native ST app for your wall panel? (2020)


Feel free to tag me if you have any questions about SharpTools.io - happy to help! :smiley:


Thanks! Look like there are some cool stuff out there to try. Before jumping to SmartThings, I had a look at HA community, folks there had some nice idea about create a floor plan image and control their devices from there. Wondering if I could do the same with Sharptools or Actiontiles? That would be nice

You can create a floor plan image and use it as the background, and then position the device tiles accordingly to achieve the “floor plan” look dashboard. Here is a nice dashboard example shared in the SharpTools community.


Well. Thanks! SharpTools look nice in sort of tile based style, look tidy and well organized, but come to floor plan based, sorry,… not really impressive to me