[help needed] app lost rooms unable to show devices

I have a weird issue since the last outage.
when i go to the app, i have many rooms missing (about 6 rooms).
When i go to IDE i see all the devices that used to be in those rooms were no longer associated with my hub. i edited each device in IDE and added them back to the hub.

Now, in the app, i cant find these devices (about 50 devices) under “all devices”
but if i go to devices --> hub and check there “devices connected” i see all the “lost” devices but i cant move them to any room, i see they are associated with a “group” inside IDE but i lost all the rooms in the app.
anyone seen this? i am kind of lost as to how to fix this… TIA.

I think you and several others are having this problem:

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I logged out, clear the phone apps storage cache, and then back in. Had to re-arrange the rooms and devices.

I had this on one of my two devices with the app. It cleared up by itself except that my preferred order of display of items in the app was lost. I assume it was some artifact of the outage yesterday.

So after trying multiple times, cleared app, close, etc it came back. but as some mentioned, the order was completely off. i had to re-order everything.
what a mess…

Try using Z-Wave Utilities (from hub view) then select "Repair Z-Wave Network. I had the same issues you describe on my Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and corrected it by performing this action.