How to populate the "Dashboard" section

How do I add Lights/Locks/Hazards, etc. to the Dashboard section of the 2.0 app? This is all I see in my Dashboard section…

Go to the marketplace and add an app for a lock, door or light etc

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Marketplace “Things” wants me to install new devices. My devices are already installed. Not needed.

Marketplace “SmartApps” only installs SmartApps. What am I missing? Which of the SmartApps for Lights & Switches will add my switches to the Dashboard?

go to Top Smart Apps under your thing

Read in another thread that once the ‘Solution’ is gone; it’s gone. This means all new hub users (after deleting everything and re-setting up) will have blank Dashboards.

But they’ll have the one SHM item one that is pushed out. All that screen real estate for one item, and still the Dashboard can’t show you what mode you’re in.

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I’m sorry, but WHAT?! Do you even have an iOS device? Where are you pulling this advice out of? There is no “Top Smart Apps”…

Anybody else have a solution?

For my experience - I was able to add new categories of dashboard with this method

Yes. I’ll get you screen shots in a min

I see. Thank you. Any idea if SHM will replace the Dashboard or will I have a big, blank, useless white screen, also?

It looks like perhaps you aren’t in the market place.

Go to the Star (bottom right of app) - navigate to the category of thing you want in the dashboard - I’ll choose lights, select a light. drill down to the specific one you are adding (if it isn’t listed, it does’t matter, choose any) you will then see this

You are right. I do see that, but when you select “Top SmartApps” you get a list of popular apps, but not a method to add the device to the Dashboard. I believe @scottinpollock is correct. The Dashboard solutions are dead at the moment.

But your coming from a v1 setup.

I’m sorry it’s not working for you. I have all my old dashboard modules and I’m able to add new things to them just like before. Hopefully it is just temporary for you.

The SHM is a single ‘Solution’ displayed in the Dashboard. I believe the rest of it will indeed be “big, blank, and useless”; at least for now and the forseeable future.

Yikes. 1234567891011

I’m also been told that Dashboard Solutions are replaced with SHM and Smart Lights combo. I was never a big fan of “solutions” and agree that the new design is “cleaner”, however it does not fully replace the old dashboard. For example, I used to have a dashboard app that would notify me when the door is locked or unlocked (not open/closed). This is now gone.

Yeah… Dashboard seems a bit of a mess at this point. I have created a couple of ‘custom’ monitoring rues but they have NO physical appearance in SHM.

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My dashboard works just fine… you may want to completely remove and readd any devices to repopulate.

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You might want to try that and see what happens to your dashboard.

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Unfortunately, as soon as the person removes the last device in one of their dashboard groups, that dashboard group will go away forever and they will not be able to get it back.

The Ones that you are seeing are just leftovers from the previous version. There is no way in the new version to create these. So once you get rid of them they are gone. :scream:

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