Tiles keep shuffling in app

Not sure what’s happening but over the last few days the smartthings app keeps shuffling the tiles and groups all around, I edit them back to where I want and then some time later everything is in disarray. Some times whole sections go missing, as currently our kitchen (5 things) is missing along with the garage (7 things). Anyone else experience this?!?

Yes. It seems to happen every other week or so.


There has been a major cloud outage going on since yesterday afternoon, and the reshuffling tiles in the app is part of that problem. It was posted to the official status page yesterday.

Community discussion in the following thread. (The topic title is a clickable link.)

New SmartThings App now completely broken (Outage 14 Jan 2021)

So it’s definitely not just you. :disappointed_relieved:

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Thank you for that link! Missed that in my limited searching, but definitely bookmarking the SmartThings Status page.

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You can also opt in to get email alerts at status.smartthings


Awesome! Done!

How is going now? I’m planning to setup SmartThings for my houses (30 ~ 40 devices) including common stuff like lights, switches, sensors. .Thinking this may be a short-term issue, but if it will fixed soon. Will the new app UI let me view the status of my house quickly without frustration?

I’m using sharptools.io to provide a quick view of status and to operate devices. This is an independent add-on that you allow to integrate with ST, and which will run on desktop as well as mobile devices. Very quick to refresh status. So an option if you find the ST UI too slow.


Hey thanks. Look nice and well arranged. But wondering how is it being useful if says… I have 30 ~ 40 devices installed and I want to view their status quickly.