Missing devices: Classic app versus new app

I have 53 devices showing on the old app, new app never had more than 30, which it still shows today; so in my naivety; I thought the App is hassling me to migrate, I’ll do that and see if it ports the devices across.

Nope, still not showing. So thats me screwed then… Logging in online through the web browser shows the devices listed accurately, but the new app, nope, still missing 23 devices.

What do I do?



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Contact support. They have to fix the back-end database.

Count me in on this problem too… It’s taking me a while to compare the 2 apps, but I’m missing devices in the new app that are there in Classic.

Thanks, thats the part that worries me somewhat.

I have two hubs, one in the UK, and one in the USA, which i wont be seeing for a while, and its a risk to have it all go pear shaped if I eventually manage to rent the house out again…

First world problems and all that.


And now this migration has made my perfectly running smart home fall apart. I depended on SHM integration, device handlers and not only that, the much better, cleaner app in Classic. What a frustrating let down this has been and the timing couldn’t be worse.


Same here,

Directly after migration I suddenly had TWO locations (I dont), with my devices being randomly spread out between them.
It is not possible to delete the one I dont want.
Now, one day later, all the devices in one of these locations have disappeared and NOT reappeared in the other one.

I have written smartthings support twice but have been utterly ignored until now while my lights are going on and off at night randomly.

That’s GREAT! I just migrated and can see everything in Classic and the IDE and nothing in the New ST app. YAY! I knew this wasn’t going to be good. I’ve emailed support and got nothing as well. NOT A HAPPY CAMPER! Hundreds of dollars of stuff useless in .01 seconds.

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But look at the plus side… all these users who have come back to the community after years of being away, probably enjoying their working home automations!


Send a note to support@smartthings.com with the email address associated with your SmartThings account. There is an edge case where certain configurations are not automagically syncing into the new app. Support has super powers :superhero: and can almost always force the sync through.


I did early this am. OBVIOUSLY they’re being overrun with bad migrations. How long has it taken for anyone to hear back?

Just called support. They said anything managed by a device handler will not migrate and you have to start all over. Anyone else get the same story? 55 devices and a shitton of Webcore work…

Bad info from that support rep. Call again… ask them to sync devices between the Classic and new apps

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Groovy is not scheduled to be on phased out until sometime in 2021


I called back and the CSR this time escalated it. Unfortunately none of them work on the weekend. So Monday or Tuesday it is… Grrr. Oh well. Hopefully they get it fixed and I can just enjoy it again.

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It’s bad enough with all the platform transitions happening and the various outages and breakages happening this week, without support giving out blatantly wrong info.


Unfortunately there have been many reports of support giving out blatantly wrong information for at least a year now, so this is nothing new.

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Heard from ST Friday night and they got everything in the new app. but still nothing is working and it’s been crickets since. No response to the 3 responses I sent to their questions…

I love this optimistic tone.

Unfortunately so far more reviews available that support has zero clue about what is happening, and they will ask you to reset your hub at some point.
Not to mention, if you are from the UK, then they will not even poke your ticket (of course they could forward it to the UK support queue, but they tend to not…))

I am missing items on the new app as well and I can no longer use the old app as it has been migrated. I have also noticed that the automation’s do not run as smoothly and are inconsistent in completing. I have enjoyed smartthings for a long time however this new app seems to be either a significant step backwards or released too early and now for those of us who have spent thousands upon thousands setting up every aspect of their home, well we are buggered.

Please Samsung, allow us to migrate back to the old app because I did not sign up for this headache. I mean for goodness sake, I cannot even see my mobile presence in my devices.

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You can continue to use the old app until it is shutdown in October. Once your account is migrated, some things in the old app are no longer available (SHM, Routines), but the app itself continues to work.