Migration from SmartThings Classic to New SmartThings Not Smooth

I had noticed the banner at the top of the SmartThings Classic app notifying me to migrate to the new SmartThings app for some time now. I also received a couple of emails, one notifying me that the SmartThings Classic app would be going away and I should migrate and another telling me that the Voice Assistant connections needed to be updated.

So, today I finally decided to migrate my one and only Home location. The migration process seemed simple enough, and the SmartThings Classic app informed me that everything had migrated successfully. I then downloaded the new SmartThings app, and I logged in with my Samsung credentials. Well, that’s when the problems began. I saw that I only had two devices, neither of which were in a Room, and indeed, I had no Rooms defined. Well, that’s not correct, the SmartThings IDE shows 70 devices in the Devices List. That’s when I realized there were 2 “Home” locations listed. The Home presented when I first opened the new SmartThings app contained the Samsung TV that we got about a year ago and an entry simply labeled as “Unknown Device”. I was able to switch to the other “Home” location, and then I could see my Rooms and other devices, sort of. I moved the two devices from the one “Home” location to the “Home” location that contained everything else, and then I deleted the empty “Home” location using the SmartThings IDE website.

The other, bigger issue that I have encountered is that I have several, I think 9 devices listed as “Unknown Device”. Tapping on them doesn’t open the tile to reveal anything about the device. Some have Room entries, which lets me know what some of them actually are, but others don’t even have a Room entry. Some of those "Unknown Device"s are GE Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Switches, the older version from about 3 years ago. How is it possible that SmartThings did not correctly migrate that kind of device? How can I get the new SmartThings app to recognize those devices, especially since some those items I cannot identify based on the information provided in the app? Other items are identified, but they show as offline, such as my Schlage Century Touchscreen Deadbolts, Ecobee Thermostats (only one shows up, and the tile says “Offline”), fan switches which are GE Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Fan switches, and other GE Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Switches. When I tap the tile of the one Ecobee thermostat that is identified, I am taken to a screen with the thermostat name and a Status - Offline message. The Schlage Deadbolt won’t even open a window.

Currently, I still have the SmartThings Classic app, which seems to work just fine, but if that app is going away, I would like to know that the new SmartThings app is going to work. It is troubling that the SmartThings team couldn’t properly handle the migration of a simple device, like the GE Z-Wave light switches. I will admit that two classes of devices that I have are using custom device handlers, namely the fan switches and the Schlage deadbolts, but everything else is stock.

Has anyone else experienced these issues with their migration? Can I do anything to fix the problems, or do I have to just stick with the SmartThings Classic app and hope they never truly kill it?

Many different community members have had many different experiences with the migration. For some it was smooth, for others not so much. There are already A couple of dozen threads discussing various different issues. If you tap on the tag I have added to this thread called “migration2020“ you will see most of those threads. There are a couple of official threads you will probably also want to look at:

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