Bad Migration

Anyone else’s migration to the New ST app go totally south? I can see everything in my old app and in the IDE but the new app has nothing. I can’t add any of my devices back to it and nothing is able to be controlled by voice through Google Home or by the Classic app. WTF! I emailed support and have yet to get any response.

It went well for some people, but definitely not everyone. Lots of individual problems reported:

And here’s the official discussion thread. (The topic title is a clickable link)

Check to see if you now have more than one location. Log on to the IDE at and click the Locations tab


The first thing that seems to have worked for people who migrated and then the resulting location shows nothing is:

  1. make sure you don’t have multiple locations and are looking at the wrong one. (This seems to have happened to a number of folks)
  2. Force Logoff the new app and log back in. (Some saw credential issues, seems to help a lot of people with ‘blank’ NewApp locations)
  3. Power down your hub for about 20-30 mins and power it back on - seems to cause some kind of reregistration (This seems to help people who can see the stuff in their location and everything is ‘offline’ even though the LED on the hub is solid green - connected)

If all of those don’t help - then probably need help from support. Whatever you do - if you can still work with things in Classic don’t start deleting and re-adding stuff, you will make things worse.


I can see things in the IDE and the classic app. I can’t make them function. Been on hold while trying to get to the SmartThings dept. Judging by no one being able to transfer me correctly I see why this was botched. Called their support number direct from the app and it was the wrong dept. who transferred me to the wrong dept. Now on hold waiting to see if I get the right dept. and have to get ready and leave for an appointment in 30 min. Frustrating.