Missing devices: Classic app versus new app

Here’s an ugly kludge to workaround that misfeature.

Fortunately, I took your guys advise and did not perform the migration. I took the approach of manually setting up everything in the new app and creating my automations from scratch. This allowed me to use both apps, but I noticed that the new app would get tripped up some times. I have had to restart the integrations and I noticed the name of devices resetting back to their original names. Never happened on the classic app… smh.

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I’ve had my issues escalated, and the support desk have no real clue as to the problem, except going through a standard routine of resets, etc etc. I can actually add rooms, devices etc, but they just refuse to show in the apps. I can view them online via the interent and do stuff, but thats hardly conducive to a smart system. Ho bloody Hum.