Migrated to Samsung Account - all devices are "unknown" in new app

The migration went fine as afar as the classic app is concerned as everything works fine.

But all my devices are unknown in the new app. Any ideas?

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Best advice is to continue using the Classic app

The screenshot you provided is very odd. Did you add devices to your dashboard or were they already there? What does your device list look like?

I just had that happen to me. Was set to a second home. Switched back to old home and everything shows.

Yes - I definitely plan on using the Classic app for the future until they support all of the DTH that they do already. My question was because others have noted that when they made the transition to the Samsung account, they were able to see their devices in both apps. I, however, cannot. I don’t plan to use the new app, but was confused by the device issues.

And all of my devices show completely normal in the classic app, even after making the transition to a Samsung account. There was no change to the service in the Classic app after the transition. And I did not add any devices to the dashboard, they were already there and all in an unknown state.

The odd thing is that I only have one location in both apps and it is just one instance of “Home” So I can’t switch back as there is nothing to switch back to.

Edit - WAIT A MINUTE. I have two “Home” instances in my IDE!!! The second one is invalid as it only has my phone presence sensors. Should I just delete that instance? I don’t want to screw anything up!

I’m leaving my extra home alone. As long as I still have my home with 40 devices showing…


Email support because this is common problem it seems. You can fix it yourself, but if you kill off the wrong one you’ll be starting over. Here’s a link to a recent discussion:

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