Smart Things New App

Will the newer smart things app every be compatible with the same devices that the classic app has? I cannot see my thermostat or my Yale door lock.

And it’s strange, the classic can pickup my front door sensor, a Samsung sensor, but the new app thinks it’s disconnected…

I just think if your going to come out with a replacement of something, it should at least have the same capabilities as the older one, just allow you to do MORE…


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There are known issues with devices reporting different device health states between apps. You should report those to so they can track the issue.

As for the thermostat and lock, not all devices fully work in the new app but the devices should still show up and most device details screens should load. Are the devices completely missing from your list of Devices?

Hi Brad, thanks they do show up, and strangely enough the thermostat will sometimes show the temperature, but the lock will not work at all.

Sorry I posted in the wrong forum, I guess I’ll just stick with classic or fire up my old wink hub and see if there are any incompatibilities there.

I opened a ticket for this exact thing. I was told to remove and rejoin the affected device, no mention of it being an outstanding issue. Ticket # sconnect19011601026

Removing and re-adding is not likely to make a difference.

For devices to work properly in the new app, the device type needs certain metadata. A few weeks ago a generic fallback was added which increased the number of devices you could view but there are still quite a few that aren’t controllable.

You might want to let support know. This is a smartthings v2 multi sensor. Every other smartthings sensor is working fine in my connect app.