List of all Officially Published Apps from the MORE category of Smart Setup in the Mobile App [deprecated]

The following is current as of Sept 9, 2015. This is a list of the officially approved SmartApps that are available for installation through the SmartThings mobile app under the SmartApps tab. In each category, you will find a combination of community contributed & SmartThings developed SmartApps.

To install any of these, open the mobile app, select the Marketplace icon (), and select the SmartApps tab.

SmartThings Recommends

  1. Smart Lights by SmartThings
    Control and automate Lights and Switches.

Safety & Security

  1. Notify Me When by SmartThings
    Receive notifications when anything happens in your home.

  2. Enhanced Auto Lock Door by Arnaud
    Automatically locks a specific door after X minutes when closed and unlocks it when open after X seconds.

  3. Severe Weather Alert by SmartThings
    Get a push notification when severe weather is in your area.

  4. Smart Alarm by
    A multi-zone virtual alarm panel, featuring customizable security zones. Setting of an alarm can activate sirens, turn on light switches, push notification and text message. Alarm is armed and disarmed simply by setting SmartThings location ‘mode’.

  5. Safe Watch by
    Watch a series of sensors for any anomalies for securing a safe.

  6. Pushover Notify Me When by
    Adds Pushover service to the ‘Notify Me When’ SmartApp

  7. Ready For Rain by
    Warn if doors or windows are open when inclement weather is approaching.

  8. CO2 Vent by Brian Steere
    Turn on a switch when CO2 levels are too high

  9. Dry the Wetspot by Scottin Pollock
    Turns switch on and off based on moisture sensor input.

  10. Lock It At A Specific Time by Erik Thayer
    Make sure a door is locked at a specific time. Option to add door contact sensor to only lock if closed.

  11. Jawbone Panic Button by Juan Risso
    Holding the button on the Jawbone UP will send a text massage alerting someone of a potential emergency.

  12. Secure Night: Lock Up by SmartThings
    Have your doors lock when you fall asleep

Lights & Switches

  1. Smart Lights by SmartThings
    Control and automate Lights and Switches.

  2. Gentle Wake Up by SmartThings
    Dim your lights up slowly, allowing you to wake up more naturally.

  3. Double Tap by SmartThings
    Turn on or off any number of switches when an existing switch is tapped twice in a row.

  4. Switch Activates Home Phrase by Michael Struck
    Ties a Hello, Home phrase to a switch’s state. Perfect for use with IFTTT.

  5. Switch Changes Mode by Michael Struck
    Ties a mode to a switch’s state. Perfect for use with IFTTT.

  6. Alfred Workflow by SmartThings
    Turn your SmartThings-powered lights and switches on/off directly from your Mac by launching the Alfred Workflow and entering “ST On” and “ST Off.”

  7. Mood Cube by SmartThings
    Turn your SmartThings-powered lights and switches on/off directly from your Mac by launching the Alfred Workflow and entering “ST On” and “ST Off.”

  8. Smart Home Ventilation by Michael Struck
    Allows for setting up various schedule scenarios for turning on and off home ventilation switches.

  9. Color Coordinator by Michael Struck
    Ties multiple colored lights to one specific light’s settings

  10. Vacation Lighting Director by Tim Slagle
    Randomly turn on/off lights to simulate the appearance of a occupied home while you are away.

  11. Lighting Director by Time Slagle & Michael Struck
    Control up to 4 sets (scenarios) of lights based on motion, door contacts and illuminance levels.

  12. Hall Light: Welcome Home by
    Turn on the hall light if someone comes home (presence) and the door opens.

  13. Smart Light Timer by
    Turns on a switch for X minutes, then turns it off. Unless, the switch is already on, in which case it stays on. If the switch is toggled while the timer is running, the timer is canceled.

  14. Lights Off with No Motion and Presence by Bruce Adelsman
    Turn lights off when no motion and presence is detected for a set period of time.

  15. My Light Toggle by Jesse Silverberg
    Toggle lights on/off with a motion sensor

  16. Turn Off With Motion by Kristopher Kubicki
    Turns off a device if there is motion

  17. Monitor on Sense by Rachel Steele
    Turn on Monitor when vibration is sensed

  18. Let There Be Dark! by Dooglave
    Turn your lights off when a Contact Sensor is opened and turn them back on when it is closed, ONLY if the Lights were previouly on

  19. Bright When Dark And/Or Bright After Sunset by Arnaud
    Turn ON light(s) and/or dimmer(s) when there’s movement and the room is dark with illuminance threshold and/or between sunset and surise. Then turn OFF after X minute(s) when the brightness of the room is above the illuminance threshold or turn OFF after X minute(s) when there is no movement.

  20. Comfort Sleep by SmartThings
    When you get in bed, have your lights dim & have them turn off when you fall asleep.

Climate Control

  1. Virtual Thermostat by SmartThings
    Control a space heater or window air conditioner in conjunction with any temperature sensor, like a SmartSense Multi.

  2. Keep Me Cozy by SmartThings
    Changes your thermostat settings automatically in response to a mode change. Often used with Bon Voyage, Rise and Shine, and other Mode Magic SmartApps to automatically keep you comfortable while you’re present and save you energy and money while you are away.

  3. Keep Me Cozy II by SmartThings
    Works the same as Keep Me Cozy, but enables you to pick an alternative temperature sensor in a separate space from the thermostat. Focuses on making you comfortable where you are spending your time rather than where the thermostat is located.

  4. It’s Too Cold by SmartThings
    Monitor the temperature and when it drops below your setting get a text and/or turn on a heater or additional appliance.

  5. Smart Humidifier by Sheikh Dawood
    Turn on/off humidifier based on relative humidity from a sensor.

  6. Humidity Alert! by Brian Critchlow
    Notify me when the humidity rises above or falls below the given threshold. It will turn on a switch when it rises above the first threshold and off when it falls below the second threshold.

  7. Thermostat Mode Director by Tim Slagle
    Changes mode of your thermostat based on the temperature range of a specified temperature sensor and shuts off the thermostat if any windows/doors are open.

  8. Weather Underground PWS Connect by Andrew Mager
    Connect your SmartSense Temp/Humidity sensor to your Weather Underground Personal Weather Station.

  9. Netatmo Connect by Brian Steere
    Connect your netamo to display your local weather conditions and use it as a temp/humidity sensor.

  10. Whole House Fan by Brian Steere
    Toggle a whole house fan (switch) when: Outside is cooler than inside, Inside is above x temp, Thermostat is off

Health & Fitness

  1. Medicine Reminder by SmartThings
    Set up a reminder so that if you forget to take your medicine (determined by whether a cabinet or drawer has been opened) by specified time you get a notification or text message.

  2. Sleepy Time by SmartThings
    Use Jawbone sleep mode events to automatically execute Hello, Home phrases. Automatially put the house to bed or wake it up in the morning by pushing the button on your UP.

  3. Step Notifier by SmartThings
    Use a step tracker device to track daily step goals and trigger various device actions when your goals are met!

Energy Management

  1. Energy Alerts by SmartThings
    Get notified if you’re using too much energy

  2. Energy Saver by SmartThings
    Turn things off if you’re using too much energy

  3. Something Left Open by
    Alerts you when a contact sensor has been left open for a specified number of minutes. Alerts are in the form of a user-defined message that is provided as a push notification to the user’s mobile device. Additional optional notifications can be sent by: (1) SMS message, (2) BEEPing a device, and/or (3) Pushover notification ( This is great for monitoring refrigerators, freezers, gates, doors, and windows. Save energy or keep your family and pets secure with this SmartApp.

  4. Thermostat Auto Off by
    Automatically turn off thermostat when windows/doors open. Turn it back on when everything is closed up.

  5. Thermostat Window Check by
    If your heating or cooling system come on, it gives you notice if there are any windows or doors left open, preventing the system from working optimally.

  6. Wattvision Manager by SmartThings
    Monitor your whole-house energy use by connecting to your Wattvision account.

  7. Smart Windows by Eric Gideon
    Compares two temperatures – indoor vs outdoor, for example – then sends an alert if windows are open (or closed!). If you don’t use an external temperature device, your zipcode will be used instead.

Presence & Modes

  1. Working From Home by George Sudarkoff
    If after a particular time of day a certain person is still at home, trigger a ‘Working From Home’ action.

  2. Smart Turn It On by
    Turns on selected device(s) at a set time on selected days of the week only if a selected person is present and turns off selected device(s) after a set time.

  3. Routine Director by Tim Slagle
    Monitor a set of presence sensors and activate routines based on whether your home is empty or occupied. Each presence status change will check against the current ‘sun state’ to run routines based on occupancy and whether the sun is up or down.

  4. Nobody Home by
    When everyone leaves, change mode. If at least one person home, switch mode based on sun position.

  5. Shabbat and Holiday Modes by
    Changes the mode at candle lighting and back after havdalah. Uses the API to look for days that are shabbat or chag and pull real time candle lighting and havdalah times to change modes automatically

Music & Sounds

  1. Sonos Control by SmartThings
    Play or pause your Sonos when certain actions take place in your home.

  2. Sonos Mood Music by SmartThings
    Plays a selected song or station.

  3. Sonos Notify with Sound by SmartThings
    Play a sound or custom message through your Sonos when the mode changes or other events occur.

  4. Sonos Weather Forecast by SmartThings
    Play a weather report through your Sonos when the mode changes or other events occur

  5. Talking Alarm Clock by Michael Struck
    Control up to 4 waking schedules using a Sonos speaker as an alarm.

  6. ObyThing Music SmartApp by obycode
    Use this free SmartApp in conjunction with the ObyThing Music app for your Mac to control and automate music and more with iTunes and SmartThings.


  1. Carpool Notifier by SmartThings
    Send notifications to your carpooling buddies when you arrive to pick them up. If the person you are picking up is home, and has been for 5 minutes or more, they will get a notification when you arrive.

  2. Life360 (Connect) by SmartThings
    Connect your Life360 account, and use the arrival or departure of people in your Life360 Circles at your home, to automatically trigger lights, locks, and much more.

  3. SquareHub by SquareHub
    Connect your SmartThings devices with your SquareHub account to receive notifications right in your family feed!


  1. Button Controller by SmartThings
    Control devices with buttons like the Aeon Labs Minimote

  2. Photo Burst When… by SmartThings
    Take a burst of photos and send a push notification when…

  3. Laundry Monitor by SmartThings
    Sends a message and (optionally) turns on or blinks a light to indicate that laundry is done.

  4. Mail Arrived by SmartThings
    Send a text when mail arrives in your mailbox using a SmartSense Multi on your mailbox door. Note: battery life may be impacted in cold climates.

  5. Has Barkley Been Fed? by SmartThings
    Set up a schedule to be reminded to feed your pet. By placing a SmartSense Multi sensor on your pet food dispenser, you can receive a reminder if your pet has not been fed at the appropriate time.

  6. Coffee After Shower by Hans Wustrack
    This app is designed simply to turn on your coffee machine while you are taking a shower.

  7. Door Knocker by
    Alert if door is knocked, but not opened.

  8. Multi-Channel Control by SmartThings
    Control individual endpoints of a multi-channel Z-Wave device as separate devices

  9. Logitech Harmony Trigger by SmartThings
    Trigger Logitech Harmony Activities when certain actions take place in your home.

  10. Jenkins Notifier by
    Turn off and on devices based on the state that your Jenkins Build is in.

  11. SAMI by Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center
    Connect SAMI devices to SmartThings and reciprocally
    More info about SAMI (AKA OpenCloud) can be found here


Unlike the list above, the following will require custom code installation through the IDE and are not officially supported, but the community will usually be happy to answer any questions in the appropriate topics.


@Ben @April feel free to take ownership of this topic moving forward. :wink:

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Part of me wants to manually create a database with these, build a URL structure, and publish a website for SmartApp discovery… right now.

I think we should wait until we have true Github integration, because that will make it more modular and dynamic.

This list is awesome, and doesn’t exist anywhere on the web until now. Thanks for compiling, we will use this :slight_smile:


We could do the front-end right now and just wait on backend until GitHub integration


Come to LA Hacks this weekend and let’s build it :city_sunset:


@kris @mager - I thought I would throw down the gauntlet and put out one more challenge to you guys…allow someone to run the app setup in a simulator. Imagine being able to look at how an app is setup before you go through the process of loading it up, seeing it might not do what you want, and then uninstalling it.

You should be able to create a series of simulated devices the apps could pull from so the lists within the configuration screens are at least populated. The app doesn’t have to “actually work.” I’m suggesting that you just be able to view the entire setup process for the app.

It would also be a great way to show users how simple (and sophisticated) some SmartApps are. Active interaction from current and potential customers is way better than watching some video about how the configuration works.


@mager Andrew, is that an icon of LA melting in the sun? :wink:

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@April , @mager , @Ben

June 30 is the last time I’m going to update this. It’s all yours now. :sunglasses: :pizza::beer:


@JDRoberts , I want to thank you for compiling this list and maintaing it until of June 30, 2015! In order to ensure this is up to date, I have put @Kris as the author of the top, so he is able to edit the top posts when he makes the SmartApps live!

:smiley: Thanks again!

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For the “Button Controller” SmartApp, can you guys include a new section for the new “Smart Home Monitor” (similar to the existing “Modes” and “Hello Home Actions”) so that I can arm/disarm the system? I can currently workaround this by having a separate Hello Home Phrase (Routine) set up for arming and disarming the system, but it’s not ideal.

As a side note, you could also rename “Hello Home Actions” to the new “Routines” terminology as well…

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Dave, I would love to see ST reply to this. I use SmartTiles to arm/disarm my alarm system because it is sincerely and single finger touch to do so. I wish there was a simple way in ST to do it.

Have you guys tried Smart Home Monitor? It has arming and disarming. What specifically is it not doing?

Since you asked… :wink:

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I will test it to see if it works. I just now set it up. If I understand it correctly, I set it to look for all of my sensors. If any one of my sensors is opened, my alarm should go off and I should get a text. Upon receiving the text, I can go into my mobile ST app. and it should show an alert. Correct?

Correct. You’ll also be able to dismiss this “incident” and it will log it in a history of incidents.

Kris, where would I go to turn OFF my alarm?

No answer. Okay, how about this one. In my Dashboard, under Smart Home Monitor, I have a huge green box saying Everything OK, and the blue Disarm is highlighted. We are at home. We have one of our doors open and under the Doors and Locks screen it appropriately shows that door open. Now, we go open another door, and the alarm goes off. WHY?
I have two more sensors and another alarm sitting on my desk. I am afraid to connect and use them because I am unsure of the stability of the system. Why did my alarm go off if the system is Disarmed?

Still no answer. I have now discovered that my Smart Home Monitor keeps going to ARM (AWAY). I push on DISARM. When I go back to it, it has gone back to ARM (AWAY). I think this is why my alarm keeps going off. Why won’t the SHM stay on DISARM if that is what I select?

This happened to me but with armed stay. I ran a routine that turned SHM off and that made is permanently disarm.