Updates to SmartThings Mobile App Marketplace

(Tim Slagle) #1

We want to give you a heads up about a few changes that we are making to our Marketplace. We recently conducted an audit of our marketplace apps looking for two things: SmartApps that are unstable or do not run efficiently and SmartApps that duplicate functionality within the SmartThings app.

The results of this review ended with a list of SmartApps we have regrettably decided to remove from the Marketplace. This decision is not one we wanted to make, however, unfortunately, it needed to be done so that our customers can have the best experience possible. The SmartApps listed in the above link will be delisted on Jul 5, 2017.

We have emailed every customer who has one of these SmartApps installed and wanted to do the same for the app developer. Unfortunately, we don’t have a great way of tracking our developer accounts (that’s on us), so we are posting the notification here, too.

To the developers, we don’t want to leave you hanging. We will allow you to resubmit your SmartApp for testing by our QA team. If the SmartApp passes our QA testing (This will involve a full functionality test and a decision on whether it still duplicates functionality.), it will be relisted in the Marketplace. If you wish to submit your app, please do so by July 21, 2017. To submit, please send me a private message, and I will help you go through the resubmission process.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and hope to work with you in the future to create more meaningful experiences for our customers!


The SmartThings Community Team

Laundry Monitor w/ST Multi-Sensor
Smart Home Ventilation App
(Mark) #3

Hmm, so no netatmo integration anymore? Or is there an alternative way to connect netatmo to ST?

(Tim Slagle) #4

Please feel free to use the code linked in the KB article. Due to Netatmo’s ever changing API we can no longer support their product on our platform as a Works with SmartThings device.

(Mark) #5

That’s what I figured. I don’t have netatmo, thought about getting it for the outdoor module plus info on indoor air quality. But then I heard about that prolonged outage late last year/early this year. Probably not gonna bother with it if it doesn’t integrate well with ST.

Thanks for the info.

(Brad) #6

You still might want to check it out. I really like my Netatmo set-up and the community has done some cool stuff with the integration such as incorporating the Wind Module.

(Andreas A.) #7

What’s the reason for the Wattvision removal? I have that working on my account (with some minor tweaks) just fine…

(marte) #8

Is DoubleTap functionality available in another app?

(Sean) #9

RIP Laundry Monitor

(Dick) #11

What replaces “Switch activates Home Phrase” ?
I use this heavily with my Echo.

(might be my fake name?) #12

I used to use power allowance before core. That was the only one.


Except SmartApps related to device-type handlers, all of them could be replaced with CoRE/webCoRE. Would that be a fair assumption? Could you please let us know when CoRE would be officially considered into the marketplace? :smiley:


For some time, routines have had the ability to be triggered when A switch comes on. It’s right in the regular routine set up now. So “Switch activates home phrase” is no longer needed. Instead, there should be a section “automatically perform…” Near the end of the routine setup wizard where you can select the switch you want to trigger it.

I can’t show you a screenshot, because the current app is not voice navigable, but just edit your routine and you should see the option to start it when a switch comes on.

Losing SmartApp "Switch Activates Home Phrase"
(MacTechGenius) #15

Will it continue to function? I am very dependent on the setup??

(DavidK) #16

What is the alternative for the laundry app?

I am using a SmartThings branded multi-sensor on the dryer with this app.

Solution works 100%

(Michael) #17

Since several people have asked the “what’s the replacement for…” question, here is the answer from the support article:

(Michelfrancis Bustillos (The Armed Programmer)) #18

This appear to be quickly devolving into yet another ST mess. I don’t personally use any of these SmartApps (I prefer to create my own within WebCoRE) but can definitely see their functionality. I think no apps should be removed until suitable alternatives are found and added to the list or CoRE/WebCoRE are officially supported.

(ActionTiles.com co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #19

SmartThings has the exact usage statistics of every published SmartApp (and, approximate usage of unpublished SmartApps distributed in source-code form).

They are completely aware of how many people use these deprecated Marketplace Apps and can calculate the benefits vs drawbacks of removng them.

Presuming the impact is low, just goes to prove that the celebration of publishing these particular SmartApps was … short-lived. I really wonder how many customers explore the Marketplace at all?

(Tim Slagle) #20

You’re 100% right. In this case the total users we emailed across every SmartApp was less than 2% of our entire base. But the support tickets for these apps are a disproportionate share of our weekly/monthly tickets (by a insane amount).

Almost all of these apps were removed for stability issues. These apps were not being maintained any longer for the most part. Those developers that want to keep those apps maintained have the option to contact me and work with me to get them back into the marketplace.

Also, keep in mind we linked to all the code in our github. If you want the app, go get it and self publish it.

This change was to make sure the mass consumer has a better experience. You all want more (WAY more) out of your system than they do. You can still get all that functionality because you can publish your own apps. This way the “normal” consumer doesn’t stumble upon problems caused by a misbehaving SmartApp and blame under-maintained and untested code on us.

So, for all the “What’s the replacement” questions… There aren’t any, use the same app self published to your own accounts. :grinning:

(MacTechGenius) #21

Are you considering an “App Store” approach for 3rd party apps? Would be much more convenient to look up a 3rd party app without copying code from GitHub

(DavidK) #22

I read this smartthings blog post about monitoring laundry right before I purchased my smartthings V1 hub and smartthings multi-sensor. I do not think there is a smart lightning replacement, and it is a good use case for using SmartThings branded multi-sensors.

Many of the apps are replaced by built-in smart lightning so that is okay. And in fact increases usability by decreasing confusion about similar functionality available from different menus.

I have Netatmo stuff, but they have there own dashboard so without SmartThings I can still use them.

But the Laundry monitor app was listed in a blog post by SmartThings and is a good use case for the smartthings branded multi-sensor.