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List of all Officially Published Apps from the MORE category of Smart Setup in the Mobile App [deprecated]

(Bill) #22

That is just as bad as permanently armed. Either way makes SHM inoperative.

(Greg) #23

Right, I was just saying that running a routine is what fixed it for me.

(Bill) #24

I am not smart enough to run a routine. I just unplugged my alarm!

(Kris Schaller) #25


You should be able to turn your alarm off from within the Smart Home Watch dashboard. Please move all questions about Smart Home Monitor to this forum going forward: Smart Home Monitor

Please write into support when you run into issues like this. They will need to investigate your account specifically.

Same advice as above. Unfortunately they’re going to need to look at your account specifically to answer this question.

(Chad) #26

I am trying to use “Something left open”. I have 3 of them installed.

One for my garage door if it’s left open during the day
another one when garage left open when I am away (2 minute notification)
if Kitchen door left open if away or at night

but it seems only the kitchen one works. I am in the right mode, and the time passes and I don’t get an alert. Is there something that has to trigger the app? or just install? I tried to look at the live logging but nothing helped me.

Any help?


(Tim Gray) #27

Gentle wake up is not working on V2 hubs. At least for me it isn’t working. I can manually trigger it, but it refuses to ever trigger at the specified time.


Report it to There have been some weird problems with notifications recently. Hopefully they’ll be able to help.



When this topic was originally created (by me) it included the required devices for each smartapp. So that you knew whether a monitoring smart app required a Contact sensor, or multisensor, or lux sensor, or whatever.

I Suggest you add that information back in. First of all, many of the smartapps don’t say that in their own descriptions. Second, I think it’s very confusing to new users when they see a smartapp that will do what they want, and they don’t realize it’s going to require devices they don’t have yet. :sunglasses:

(Claire Longworth) #30

The link to community apps is broken


Yeah, they moved the whole subcategory and for some reason links in the forum didn’t update the way they usually do. It’s in projects now. Here’s the the new link.


(Claire Longworth) #32

Great thanks for the quick response

(Kris Schaller) #33

Thanks @JDRoberts, fixed the link! :slight_smile:

(Kris Schaller) #34

Hmmm…I like this idea, but that would require frequent updating as soon as a new device is certified for each SmartApp that utilized it. Also, every update to a SmartApp would require a check (& possible change) if they update their input fields. :smile:


I don’t think you have to list the specific devices, just the device class. If the whole concept of an app is that it’s going to run off of a temperature sensor or lux sensor, that seems obvious to people have been using SmartThings for a while, but it’s definitely not obvious to new users. They assume that the hub itself somehow knows light levels and temperatures and all that.

Last year no, somebody asked the question “I only want my motion sensor to turn on the lights if it was dark in the room” and they get pointed to this topic. I don’t know that means they need another device they might not have.

So I just think it’s helpful if the apps that are based on anything other than just the hub are marked as such.

(Edward Pope) #36

Ahhh, shouldn’t these SmartApps have a different description?

(Alexander Mee) #37

I can’t seem to find this in the marketplace, I see the other 5 smartapps in “Music & Sounds” but not this. Can someone please help I feel like I’m going nuts. I’m in the UK if that makes a difference.


It does-- some of the options available in the US are not available in the UK. I believe Sonos is one of these. You can contact support to find out. Or perhaps @aaron can find out.

(Bobby) #39

Here in US, has recently been renamed as Speaker Notify with Sound. It’s listed under Music and Sound category.

(Doug ) #40

I’m in the US and I don’t see it

(Bobby) #41

Never mind…they yanked it off because of recent troubles…