Harmony Home Control

Hello I have a multisensor 6 that uses motion to turn on my basement theater lights… I would like this action to stop firing while watching TV/Movies. Is there any way to have watch TV or Watch Movie on my harmony home disable the Turn on with motion smart app or the multi sensor 6?

I was thinking about using the time function within the “Turn on with motion” smart app eg: dont fire during 8pm to 6am but sometimes my kids use the theater room during the daytime or afternoon. e

Any advice? will they add this functionality in the upcoming release?

Might not be the best solution but I used a showtime mode.

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if you create a virtual switch that toggles from harmony’s app, then you can use that to determine from smartthings if the tv is on.


I agree with PD. maybe set up a virtual switch to trigger the harmony movie, then have a “hello home” phrase to switch Smartthings to a movie mode that ignores the motion sensor, and also turns on the a/v system for you through IFTTT. You can also have a phrase to switch back to your regular mode, and another virtual switch tied to IFTTT to turn off the a/v system.


Thank you very much Lordorwell and Nashirak for taking the time to provide a solution. i’m a bit lost on the virtual switch part can you advise how to create one?


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Virtual switch FAQ:

Once you have the switch set up, there is a smartapp that lets you have flipping a switch (virtual or physical) change the mode or run a Hello
Home Action (which can change the mode and do other things at the same time). See #31 and 32 under Convenience:

Then once the app is set up so flipping that virtual switch changes the mode (you’ll need on and off, off to switch it back to your regular night time mode), add that switch to your Watch Movie activity.

Finally, change whatever you have set up to have your sensor turn on your basement lights NOT run in the new movie mode. (If it’s already set up to only run in Night mode, you won’t need to change it. But if it’s set up to run at a specific time of day, or without restriction of any kind, you’ll need to add a mode restriction.)

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I have a similar situation and this is what i did. I connected the TV into a aron power meter based plug point. Whenever the TV is ON , the power drawn is about 200W. Then i wrote a smart app that monitors the power level… If the power level is over 50w it disables my motion, by changing mode to “movie” - in the motion sensor settings you can set to ignore motion based lighting when in movie mode… I use this in my game room… So when inenter the room, the lights turn on with motion,5then when i play the movie the lights go off and remain off no matter if there is motion, because the mode is changed to movie.

Hope this helps!


great solution @ashutosh1982, be ace to have more api use with HARMONY so when you paused the film (say to nip to the loo) that it could raise lights a little, then when you click play drop them back down and carry on as normal with your no motion/light solution.

good thinking though, i do something similiar with my bedroom as my tv is in a tv bed lift mechanism, so when the tv bed is up and the hatch that hides the tv is open it goes to movie mode and disarms the motion which usually activates lighting etc . . .the power work around may be a great solution for my living room tv though, thank you.



This is awesome, thank you all for the options/advice. I got some work to do now

Take care

@rsoares28 / @ashutosh1982 ive found a way to do the PAUSE FILM = DO THIS etc etc . . . for more info check out: Samsung Smart Tv Integration? (only works on Samsung smart tvs atm, but im sure it could be adapted to suit any)

Any update as to when the rest of us can get access?


Pause film = grab a beer! :wink:

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I know there was a time this worked - that is, it was possible to have ST send commands to a harmony hub. I know this worked at one point and then a (Harmony) firmware update broke it. Is it still broken?

Under the current integration,

One) you can have harmony toggle a switch that is owned by SmartThings
2) you can have a sensor owned by smartthings trigger a harmony activity
3) you can use IFTTT to have a SmartThings switch (including a virtual switch) trigger a harmony activity, but there may be some lag.

There is a new integration which passed smartthings beta and is waiting on harmony’s QA which is supposed to be very good judging from the beta tester reports, and significantly enhances the direct integration. But it’s not available for wide release yet. See the posts above for more detail.

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Man I can’t get this to work. I’ve created a Virtual switch in ST and created two activities in Harmony. I’ve been able to connect Harmony to ST using the Harmony Connect app in the labs and ST is able to see all the Activities created in Harmony.

When I try to use the Harmony Trigger app in the labs to execute an activity when switched on nothing seems to happen and I get no errors in the logs.


Essentially I’m trying a POC to see if I can get my August Lock to show up as a lock in ST via Harmony - August Connect to August integration.

In theory I want to do the following:
ST Simulated Lock - ST Simulated Switch - Harmony Activity

Using SmartRules I created a Rule that when the Simulated Lock is Locked - Then Switch the Simulated switch on

This should then call the Harmony Trigger app to Execute the “Lock Door” activity i created on the harmony side.

Everything seems to fire except the activity from ST call to Harmony. Am I missing something?

Obvious problems with this will be the actual state of the door when someone manually locks and unlocks the door, but just trying it out as a POC…

Oh Just noticed in the logs I now get this:

1ab8cd38-547a-4229-ba05-3556024c572d 1:51:22 PM EDT: trace Command failed. Error: 401.3
1ab8cd38-547a-4229-ba05-3556024c572d 1:51:22 PM EDT: debug Executing ‘Start Activity’

The current integration is specific to sensors, not virtual switches.

The smartthings controlled sensors will show up as trigger options in the harmony app when you go to set up a harmony activity. Again, this only works for sensors, not switches.

The new integration, which is still in beta, does allow you to use switches, but we’re not there yet.

Meanwell, you can use IFTTT as a “man in the middle”. Set up your virtual switch on the SmartThings side. Then, go to IFTTT, and have that switch going on or off trigger a harmony activity.

I’m on the beta so I thought, guess it doesn’t work.

I just decided to give IFTTT a try and this happened:

Error parsing ifttt payload groovyx.net.http.ResponseParseException: OK

Did you authorize IFTTT to talk to smartthings first? You only have to do that once, but you do have to do it.

I believe I so, don’t you have to when you connect IFTTT to the smartthings channel?