Smart Home Monitor LIVE!

Just configured it for my Smoke Alarms. One question though, does this replace the individual actions in my Damage and Danger section? It seems redundant.

Smart Home Monitor is intended to replace Damage and Danger.

Thanks. Does it make sense to uninstall all of the Damage and Danger action items?

I’m not seeing Smart Home Monitor in my Dashboard, did you have to add it from the Applications area first, or did it just automatically show up?

I still see Damage & Danger though.

Makes sense to me.

It should install itself automatically. It may take a little while for us to push it to everyone.

I really like the ease of it so far compared to Damage and Danger which was very tedious. Now I can monitor all of my smoke/CO and temperature sensors with just one rule each.

Only thing I noticed is it says “Unconfigured” for Smart Home Monitor even though I have 2 custom rules and one Smoke rule setup. Any idea why?

Not sure. I wouldn’t worry too much about it while we still have a platform issue. If you see that after it’s resolved, let us know.

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@Dianoga, I received it and love it so far. One question though, is there any plans to be able to “push” to individual devices?
I have 3 phones setup as presence devices but only want the push for this on my phone for now.
My only options in the notifications section is “push” (all) or txt. For now I just turned off push and setup txt but it would be nice if this feature was added.


Ask and you shall receive.

Check out the new “Contacts” area. You can find it by going to the dashboard menu and selecting contacts. Add anyone you might want to send a push/text too. (Use the email they login to the app with to get different push messages) and then go back into Smart Home Monitor and setup “Text and Push Notifications” again.

Platform is now stable but I still see “Unconfigured”. What’s strange is it changes from “Everything Ok” to “Unconfigured” briefly. I am sure this will get resolved eventually but wanted to let you know.

Hi @slagle. I don’t see a Contacts area under my dashboard. Do you mind sharing a screenshot that doesn’t include Kanye :smile:

Did you go to the menu (three dots on the top right corner)?

Yes this is all I see: (You can see the other issue with “Unconfigured” as well.


If armed than is the only way to disarm from the app?

If I arm it then forget to disarm and enter the house will the logic I’ve given the app still perform as directed?..or is it tied into modes somehow so that it auto disarms?

I doubt it. Guessing there is a method to set this property from within a SmartApp, but have not seen any documentation yet.


Reach out to support, we might have to turn it on for you :smile:

They can be armed/disarmed from the Routines (formerly HH actions), so anything that would trigger those could arm/disarm

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Yeah, I don’t have this either @slagle. I noticed in the video it looked different but it looks like they are using an Android phone in the video.

I just asked around. We are working on getting this out to everyone. I can only ask for patience. I have been humbled.