Lights Randomly Turn On

Hi All,

I had a weird thing happen last night and it freaked my wife out a bit.
I have multiple z-wave dimmers around the house all connected to a SmartThings 2.0
Linear WD500Z Z-Wave Dimmers. I have been using them all pretty much without issue for the past few months (I recently upgraded to Smarthings 2.0 from version 1.0)

Last night, randomly at 4am our master bed lights turned on FULL Bright, I got up, turned them off
At 5:46am they turned on again full bright so i had to turn them off
(I looked at my smarthings activity log to confirm the times)

No-one else in the house, My wife and I were sleeping.

usually when you have the dimmers setup, if they are turned on they go back to the last bright % you had them on. When we go to bed we set them pretty low (30-40%) so when we turn them on again in the morning they are not super bright. Well this time when they turned on they turned on to 100%

Has anyone experienced this?
it wasn’t IFTTT because the activity log notates every time IFTTT does something. and I have no other smart apps installed

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Sounds like power issues to me. If the power goes out, dimmers usually come back on at 100%.

Check the hub logs and see if went offline…

I have had a few of my hue bulbs just come on at random times. its not coming from the hue app, so im assuming its a smartthings glitch. but with everything down now, I don’t have a problem with any lights coming on automatically.

No power cycles or failures in the house

Sounds like your power is flickering… The smart bulbs reset to 100% when the power gets flakey.

This is reason #4 that I switched to switches

I’ve had lights in two rooms randomly going on and off for the last two days, including this morning at about five in the morning. It’s a SmartThngs issue. I’m hoping the database changes today will help.


I’m hoping it fixes a lot of things. Right now I would like to just have something working… Apparently I’m part of a subset

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Nope, no power issues in the house. I have several of these bulbs and switches in the house, the bedroom was the only one. It also did it again the next day

Sounds like you are having the same issue, 5 in the morning sounds about right

The same thing is happening to me. In addition, none of my automations worked for the last two days, and many of my z-wave devices reported their status incorrectly. I filed a ticket with support a couple days ago and had to follow up last night with more info. Still no reply from SmartThings…

Here’s what I wrote.

Email one:

For about two days, many of my scheduled routines have failed to execute, and none of my smart apps are working. Additionally, device status is not reporting correctly - switches say they are off when they are on, contact sensors never show a change in state, etc. Then hours later (according to the log), they change state rapidly all by themselves. Lights came on in the dark for no reason last night, and my contact sensors and motion sensors all seemed toggle states simultaneously around 11:15am MST today when I can confirm there was no physical activity.

What gives?

Also, lights coming on in the middle of the night for no reason is inexcusable and a cause to ditch the whole platform. There’s a difference between loosing out on convenience ice by having to go back to flipping switches manually and being disturbed and woken up by a malfunctioning SmartThings!

Email two:
This problem is getting worse. On the 4th day of bugs, it is going from an inconvenience and turning into a security issue. Now my front door is unlocking and re-locking of its own accord making my house noticeable un-secure. I’m sitting here at home watching the bolt turn!

Do I need to unplug my hub to keep my house safe?!

If this continues, I may be forced to uninstall my hub permanently. What is SmartThings doing about this?!?!

Anyone still having these issues? One of my z-wave light switches has been doing this, turning on and off randomly many times over the course of the day. I didn’t realize how often until I checked the activity, I’d usually catch it a couple times but it’s been 15+ times per day.

I was going to try to disconnect the smartthings hub to see if it’s just the switch malfunctioning, but it seems like others out there are having the same issues.

I actually haven’t had this happen since I originally posted but it happend lat night at 3:17am Log shows
Master Bed Light switched on 3:17a
Master Bed Light 99% 3:17a

This is really starting to annoy me and make me wonder if I should go with another hub (different company) nothing like being woke up at 3:17am with lights full bore

Sorry for my double post. Did you ever hear back from Smartthings? I am considering moving to another platform and returning my smartthings v2

I had the very same issue last week, incidentally also with Linear WD500Z dimmer. One of the three dimmers in the family room came on at full brightness at 12:29 AM. It definitely wasn’t a power surge because I was in the room at the moment watching TV.

Sounds like the exact same thing.

Makes me wonder if there’s a bug in WD500Z firmware. So far it only happened once (at least that I’m aware of) and I have 5 of these dimmers around the house. They’re probably the cheapest ones you can buy on Amazon and work well with LED lights, but I’m going to hold off buying more of them for the time being.

I had another light in the house do this last night. This time it was not the master it was another room and a light i haven’t turned on in a few days.

THis “could” be the issue. I have about 10 of them through out the house. The thing is, I have had them for almost a year. This problem only started happening when I moved from Smarthings v1 to v2

I have this problem two or three times a month with both GE Link bulbs (ZigBee) connected directly to the SmartThings hub and Philips Hue bulbs (LAN) connected via the bridge to the ST hub.

Of course there might still be a problem with that particular switch, but it’s not the only device having that problem. Or the only protocol.


I’ve noticed this same thing in my logs as well. The thing is, my lights didn’t actually turn on. Did yours?

I have noticed this in my logs, this only occurs with my Phillips bulbs that are connected through my Phillips bridge. None of the Syu connected bulbs do this.

I also have a whole lot of polling coming from the Phillips bridge, and I mean s a lot of polling. It will list each bulb, the saturation, thcolorld, and the level, even if the bulb is off. It’s like it’s going through the installed items list on the Phillips hub.

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