Random LIghts coming on

Having an issue lately with some of my smart bulbs just coming on ramdomly. I can check the history in the app and sure enough it says they came on. No reason, just that they were turned on. They are all Zigbee dimming bulbs, but 2 of them are WEMO bulbs and 2 of them are Osram Lightify. I don’t seem to have any issues with any other of my devices, but those are the only smart ( or not so smart) bulbs I have.

Any ideas from anyone as to what to look for?

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I have eight WeMo bulbs that randomly do this too. I just delete them from Smartthings, reset them, and then add them back to Smartthings.

Zigbee bulbs will turn on after a power outage. Did you have any type of power outage? What about any automations you have running using those devices? Are they running abnormally?

Have you checked the device’s event log in the IDE to see more detailed activity?

Last night, one of the bulbs came on about 1 am. (I know the time from the log). There was no power outage, or at least nothing showed and usually my microwave clock will go off on just the smallest blip.

The first thing I checked was any automations and there aren’t any scheduled for that time.

I looked at the IDE log and it just says the source is the device and that it was on.

The night before it was a totally different light.

I hate to have to remove and repair as I do have some automations, etc. that I would have to redo.