My Routine based on Sunset Routinely Fails

My Goodmorning Routine did not fire this morning either.

Harmony Activities also no longer firing lights even though you can manually trigger individually both ways. Smart things properly triggering Harmony activities when manually called, but harmony activities not triggering lights with AFTER SUNSET permissive.

Routines have failed again…4 days in a row. Support tag open after 2nd failure.

Mine have all also started to fail. Even tried tagging all days of the week just to be safe. No change. Time to learn how to do a support ticket I guess. Wonderful. No sunset lighting definitely the most noticed. And here I thought the Thursday upgrade was gonna stabilize stuff.


Hey gang,

I setup a basic sunset routine to trigger 30 mins prior to sunset and turn on 1 light. The light didn’t come on and when I look in the log file I see nothing around that time frame other than me turning on the light via the Android app.

Is there anyway to diagnose the routine or do I have to wait for another day?

FWIW, I am not even sure I have the routine setup correctly, is there some documentation somewhere?

Thanks in advance

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Mine did not work today as well. The local Smartthings guy here @slagle mentioned they would so I guess he is no more reliable than the smartthings status page which says what is below. I Just opened an additional ticket to the other two.


Jan 23, 2016
No incidents reported today.

I suspect this is related. Lights Randomly Turn On

My problems started with sunset routines failing and progressed to all smart apps and scheduled routines, morning and night. And worse - apps like Let There Be Light activating hours after the triggering event.

My problems seem to have resolved themselves sometime yesterday. I opened a couple tickets as the issue evolved for me. I got a respone back on the initial ticket about sunset routines not working saying that ST is looking into the issue, but no response on the ticket I mention in the link above.

I have a hub v1 with about 50 “devices” including some virtual, cloud-to-cloud, z-wave, and zigbee.

all of my lights that work on Sunset/Sunrise on/off have stopped working entirely, this has been about 1 week
i have deleted and set the routines again to no avail


I spoke too early. My routines didn’t fire yesterday after 10 AM and gailed again today.

My routine based on sunset has not fired (and nothing in the logs) the last few days. The same lights work based on sunset/sunrise via rule machine.

V2 hub if that matters

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Well…five days in a row. Fail again. Nice.

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Looks like mine stopped on the 19th

Thanks found it looks like mine actually stopped on the 19th but not seeing the waiting error your are.

Scheduled Jobs
sunrise_stopHandler 2016-01-24 11:15:00 PM EST WAITING Daily
sunset_triggerHandler 2016-01-24 4:39:00 PM EST WAITING Daily

And last history
sunset_triggerHandler 2016-01-19 4:34:14 PM EST 2016-01-19 4:34:14.333 PM EST 3 2915

And Tonight they turned off on schedule. Figures. We will see tomorrow if they are back to normal

Well my sunset routine worked fine yesterday.

So to my original question, is there any way to test sunset/sunrise routines w/o waiting for the event?


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After having my routines fixed for 1 day or so, then failing again, today I e-mailed support again to ask about the state of my ticket and if they could help. Today has been the first day that I am truly disappointed at SmartThings. Like truly, truly disappointed. I got two e-mails after the one I sent today, both stating the same thing, obviously giving away they were templates. To make things worse, on one of the e-mails, they didn’t even bother to change the name to whom it was adressed to my name! And to make things really worse, I double-checked with the last e-mail from three days ago, and it turns out it is the same template. Have a look for yourselves:

e-mail from January 20th:

e-mail from January 24th at 4:44 PM

e-mail from January 24th at 7:17 PM:

This is my first time that the SmartThings support team has let me down this much. Very sad.

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I got the same email, word-for-word. They must be cutting and pasting.

I did what they said and it’s still not working. Pretty frustrating!!! :grimacing:

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Mine failed last night again - 6 days in a row now. The routine that turns them off at a very specific time has been failing along with the sunset routine for as many days.

I seem to be having the same problem as everyone else.

According to “Platform Status”, time based routines are “Degraded Performance”. What ever that means.

At first I thought it was related to the fact that I had managed to get two Security Monitors attached to my account after I added a Cree Connected bulb. ST support did get the extra one removed but they were slow about. Took over a week, so I think they are swamped with service requests.

Funny thing is that the smartapp Rule Machine Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support has similar functionality to the built in apps and has yet to miss a time based trigger, although I have only used it for a few days.

In addition to missed time based triggers, I am also seeing a lot of “unexpected errors” when looking at the notification messages and activity feed, and both lists are extreamly short. E.G., even though my week end events are very similar to the week day, the only event messages that were shown were from manually triggered events. Months ago I would have dozens and dozens.

My sunset based triggers are consistently failing as well.

When I go to the Event List in the IDE to try to see what’s going on, it appears the log has been truncated about the same time the failures started occurring - all events listed for the light switches are device/physical (me turning lights on when I noticed they were supposed to be on but weren’t).

I have a whole bunch of hardware devices sitting in boxes waiting to be installed, but I just can’t muster the energy to do it when they aren’t going to work reliably anyway.

I have a v1 hub.

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So. I decided to try something and got my two routines, which have failed the last 6-7 days, to operate successfully yesterday. Whether it works today is another matter.

Steps Taken
Delete routines associated with the failure(s). After deletion, I added each routine back with a slightly different name. My sunset and then turn off routines both worked correctly. My current theory is that it would not have worked if I hadn’t deleted and renamed. I believe this may be the case because during the days of failure, I would go into each routine, modify something, and then click “Done.” That process, recommend by Smartthings support was not successful.

Might be worth a try.

The Sunset Routine worked for the second day straight.