Time based events failing?

Since the update this afternoon 1PM EST (database change) timed events appeared to improve greatly, at this time I have only had one failure, which is a lot better than the total failure being experienced for many weeks past.
Did it fix the problem? Probably not because the issue is most likely caused by server load. Once people pile on the platform I fully expect the issue to rear it’s ugly head again.

All of my Sunset/Sunrise events are still failing. They have not worked Since Monday morning.

My Sunset routines turned on for the most part. One of them did not. But I did go through all my routines and smartapps and clicked done, done, done to save them again. Looking at the IDE on the web portal earlier and they did not have a schedule associated with them until I went through all of them again to save. Hopefully it stays this way. FYI, running on a V1 hub if it matters.

Well after all the system changes in the last 24 hours, my system is more unstable and broken than ever. No routines are working and my hub is offline, not due to my Internet connection. Truly screwed by crappy Smartthings staff. Absolutely amazing to me the level of incompetence.

Good Night failed.
Good Morning worked.
Tasker Issued “I’m Back” not recognized.
Tasker issued “Good Night” not recognized.
Tasker issued “Lamps Off” worked at 10pm.

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Just a guess, but I think these are all related.




One of my home routines failed to open garage door. I rebuilt it… will see.

none of my apps are working right now. They were 8 hours ago.

All of my schedules using RM has been working since yesterday… so far. They are a mix of time events and sunrise/sunset with offsets.

That’s a good thing eibyer; wish I was having that same luck. I have been following what support has advised very closely and am not having any luck. I’ve been going around with these issues though like the rest of us since October. I have rebuilt all of my routines, I have changed the trigger times to “unusual” times (like 5:23 for example instead of 5:30) and that hasn’t done anything either. I haven’t blown it all away to try rule machine yet which is my next step but that’s going to be a whole lot of time and effort even with my basic setup which I feel is considerably more simple than most. Just frustrated all around.

Ok, so far all my rules have been working properly but that may soon end. I may have discovered another problem. Each morning I go though each triggered event on the IDE to check when the next event is scheduled for. This morning, even though all my events triggered on time, I discovered something weird. Two (maybe more) events which did trigger correctly, are now scheduled to run 1 second later from the previous run. Below are the two examples. Each of these events occur once every 24 hours. Like I said, they worked this AM but look at when the next event is to occur. In the past :frowning:

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When I look at mine they are reporting that the next run time is in the past (3 days ago)… what do I even do to flush this and refresh it?

Open the app/rule/routine on your mobile. Edit it (change and set it back) and save… Good to go until the next time it fails

Thanks cdikland; completely ridiculous that we have to go through this crap… takes so much time. I appreciate it.

That’s what I did after the database changes they made to make sure all my timed events were current.

That is bizarre. Could be a programming bug where they calculate next execution time incorrectly. Any ideas, @slagle ?

It is bizarre… Makes me wonder if all my previous problems with time based events were related to this issue or were they, as I alway believed, events that simply did not run…

There very well may be several issues at play that result in the scheduled not executing. I wish ST were more forthcoming wrt the root cause of scheduling issues.


Same here. I wonder if the support staff is also kept in the dark or if they are to just keep spinning the wheels as usual with support issues and pretend like there isn’t some bigger root cause going on here. I’m sure they are frustrated too.

There is also this short discussion on the same topic. My Routine based on Sunset Routinely Fails

Looks to be a common and relatively recent problem, without a good answer.